6 Types of Acne, Their Causes and Remedies to Get Rid of Them Faster

Acne blemishes fall under 2 categories depending on if they are caused by inflammation or not. These include inflammatory and non-inflammatory acne. Compared to non-inflammatory acne, inflammatory acne is more severe and requires you to consult a doctor for effective treatment.


These two categories further include many different types of acne which can be caused for different reasons. You need to understand the types of acne you have before going ahead with any kind of treatment that helps you get rid of acne faster.


Blackheads are non-inflammatory acne caused by clogged hair follicles which don’t make pores wider, but seem darker. As the name suggests, these are dark or black-colored small spots appearing in the form of raised bumps. The skin that surrounds the blackhead is usually normal while the blackhead’s center is darker. However, this doesn’t mean that these blemishes have more dirt in the pores.


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Whiteheads are whitish-colored spots or bumps that have a white center surrounded by a red halo. These are non-inflammatory acne. Sometimes, there may be hair growing out from the center or might be trapped inside. Whiteheads are mainly caused by dead skin cells, dirt, and oil sebum clogging the pores. They tend to be closed within the pore.


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3Pustules or pimples

Pimples are very similar to whiteheads as they look a lot like large inflamed whiteheads. These are tender, and have a circular center and appear on the skin in the form of large bumps. A pimple’s center is filled with yellowish/whitish pus over a red skin base. The main factors that lead to pimples are insect bites when the skin pores get blocked with oil or dead skin cells, and allergic reactions to environmental allergens or food.

Pustules or pimples

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