What different types of Bad Breath could mean about your health

Bad breath can be one of the most embarrassing conditions. What’s most appalling about bad breath is the despite of you brushing and flossing regularly, your breath smells with an odor that would make any date run away. Not always does bad oral hygiene the reason for your breath smell like stinky poo. There could be a variety of underlying causes and you’ll be amazed to know that every odor of your bad breath may have an explanation.

According to Doctor Harold Katz DDS a bacteriologist and dentist, bad breath may be the cause of bacteria thriving in your mouth all because it’s too dry. Now that’s another reason to keep drinking water. This is also the reason why some people have really bad breath in the morning because when sleeping there is no saliva production. Doctor Katz says that medication also contributes to 75% of cases of bad breath. However bad breath could also be assign that something is wrong within your body and it is such varied scents that could pinpoint what exactly could be the problem. Here are five different types of bad breath which speak a lot about your health.

1 Your breath smell like moth balls

Phew!! That’s really horrible. This means you may be suffering from an allergy, a post nasal drip or you could be having sinus problems. Chronic sinus infections could increase bacteria in your mouth converting proteins present in mucus into a substance called skatole. It would be best to visit a doctor who may diagnose you with allergies of some sort in which case you may be prescribed with allergic medication or antibiotics.

breath smell like moth balls

Image Source: www.prevention.com


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