Tucking cell phone in the bra can lead to breast cancer

Nowadays, many women find tucking cell phones in the bra as a simple, convenient, and cool way to carry this essential device. Some women tuck cell phones in their bra to protect it from being stolen. What most of them do not know is that tucking cell phone in the bra does more harm than good.


There were many instances in which cell phone radiation was found responsible for the occurrence of breast cancer. Continue reading to know the story about a 51-year-old lady named Wendy Holt, who was diagnosed with breast cancer. Wendy was completely shocked when she found out what caused her breast cancer.

1 Who is Wendy Holt?

Wendy Holt is a 51-year-old woman from the UK who was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was very shocking for her when she heard the news that she is suffering from cancer since no one in the family suffered from it. Neither does her age nor do her lifestyle habits provide any pre-existing likelihood of developing this disease.

 Who is Wendy Holt?

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2 What caused her breast cancer according to the doctors?

After the doctors conducted medical tests, she was told that she had breast cancer. The doctors said that unusual formations of small tumors were seen in her breast. Wendy had tucked her cell phone in her bra every day for several years on the side where the tumors have developed and that’s what caused her breast cancer.


According to an article published in Daily Mail, Wendy tucked her cell phone in her bra 70% of the day for about ten years. Radiations that were emitted from the cell phone seeped directly into the soft fatty tissues of the breast and caused breast cancer.

What caused her breast cancer according to the doctors?

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3 Was the treatment successful?

Wendy survived breast cancer but unfortunately, the disease had spread to her lungs and lymph nodes. Her cancer became incurable and it will be unlikely that she will live longer enough to celebrate her next birthday.

Was the treatment successful?

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4 Video

Cell phone radiation is one of the main causes of breast cancer. Watch the video below about another woman who had breast cancer the same way. The doctors featured in this video agree with the possible theory that cell phone radiation can cause breast cancer.


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