Try this honey wrap to cure cough and cold at home


Cough and common cold are true to their name and are pretty common ailments. People suffer from this ailment in every country of the world and seek a solid solution to get rid of it. People try anything from regular medicines to Ayurveda, homeopathic and even herbs and plants to get rid of cold and cough.

Most of the times, the method that works is the method that is least expected and has been actually tried for years and years by our ancestors and has been proved to be more effective than regular medications and medical practices.

Here is one such cure for cough, which also cleans out the mucus built up in your nose.


1 The common winter ailments-common cold and cough!

When you experience a runny nose, cough and raw throat, more often than not, it is possible that you are suffering from cold. Most of the times, you do not get fever with a cold. But if you do, it is a sign that you might have flu or an infection with bacteria.

As the condition goes on, the runny nose becomes blocked with mucus, which gets thicker and thicker. The symptoms usually start after 1-3 days of getting affected by the cold virus. The typical period that it lasts is 3-7 days or more in extreme cases.

The common winter ailments-common cold and cough!

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2 What are honey wraps?

Honey has been used by humans for about 8,000 years now. Historical documents are filled with uses of honey not only as a food, but also as a powerful medicinal material. Ancient Chinese, Roman, Indian and Egyptian medicinal books all sing praises of honey for its curing and soothing properties.


It is an antiseptic and anti-bacterial thing that has been used to treat digestion problems, ulcers, skin wounds and even burns. Since thousands of years it has been used a cure for cough and cold, even for children over 1 year of age.

One such way to treat cold and cough is to use a honey wrap which is extremely effective in treating and getting rid of cold and raw cough.

What are honey wraps?

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