12 Astonishing Tricks That Affect Your Body and Control It in An Unexpected Way

There are many situations that people find themselves in which need an instant remedy but none is at hand. Even medication for a headache needs some time to work. What happens when you are at the dentist’s and your stomach starts acting up. What you don’t know is that for such minor health issues that can be a major inconvenience, there are various remedies that can provide an instant solution without medication. Here are 12 such tricks to control your body when you need to.


1Stop a nosebleed by pressing on your upper gums

Nosebleed can be the worst sometimes and many just don’t know how to stop it and end up trying things to make it worse. One of the popular remedies for this is that when you apply pressure on your gums that can block the artery that is responsible for supplying blood to the nose.

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2Hold a pencil between your teeth to boost your mood

This is one trick that can give you a mood boost when you need one. All you need to do is keep a pencil in your mouth. This activates muscles that help you smile, the action deceives your brain and lifts your spirits.

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3Soothe a tickling throat by scratching your ear

There are some who may already know this one. When you stimulate the nerves present in your ear, a reflex takes place in the throat that creates a muscle spasm. This again relieves the ticklish sensation in the throat.

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4Turn off your gag reflex by squeezing your left thumb

There is no plausible explanation for this one. It could the set of nerves in the hand or it could also be the brain being distracted but proof exists that this trick can actually help you to stop the gag reflex.

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