Top 11 Foods for Beautiful Skin

If you are wondering why your skin is terrible condition even though you use all those expensive skin products, then maybe you should make double check on the food you are consuming. Perhaps avoiding certain foods and including others may be the cure for your skin. Nothing can help as much as healthy and quality food and drinks. So before you head to your local drug store, read this article and make sure you start eating healthy. Maybe the cures are very inexpensive and easy to find. You just need to go back to nature. Try these foods for beautiful skin.

#1. Strawberries

If you didn’t know, the strawberries contain more vitamin C than the lemons and oranges. Vitamin C fights the free radicals which damage the skin cells, hydrates the skin and also in the same time are a natural teeth whitener. You can either eat them or make a mask for your face.

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#2. Olive oil

It’s a well known fact that the olive oil is essential in the health eating life style. The ancient Romans were massaging this oil into their skin, and you can also try it. You will be surprised how smooth and soft your skin will be. Also, you can add it in your salads because the olive oil fights the free radicals and provides antioxidants.


Olive oil
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#3. Green tea

Change your cup of coffee with cup of green tea and you will see wonderful changes with your skin. The green tea is a great source of antioxidants and also burns up to 40% of the fat. Studies show that it can reduce the chances for skin cancer. The tea bags can be directly applied on the skin for bigger effect.

Green tea
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#4. Pumpkin

The orange hue of this fruit is the source of carotenoids which are fighting the skin aging. Also it helps neutralizing free radicals, keeping the skin young and fresh for a long time.

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#5. Pomegranate

Probably one of the richest fruits with antioxidants. Yes, they are a bit hard to peel, but the delicious little red seeds will do miracles for your health and skin. The fruit contains more inflammation-fighting antioxidants than red wine or green tea.

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