Top 13 Weird Phobias you will not believe but exist


Common phobias like fear of spiders or fear of heights are wide spread among most people, but there are some Weird Phobias that are going to make you think twice “how is this even possible”.
Well, the following phobias in the list bellow do exist and are in fact so real that people who have them live in constant fear. Scary and difficult in the same time.

1 Hapheophobia

This is the morbid fear of being touched. People who have it believe that something terrible will happen to them if somebody touches them. It is usually developed in victims of sexual or physical abuse and the people who have it describe the feeling when being touches as if they got burned with fire.

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Fear to touch animal’s fur. People who have are repulsed by the smell of animals and the way the fur feels under their touch. Usually they are mortified that they can catch a disease from the animal.

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Fear of being alone. The word originates from the Greek word “eremia” which means desert. People who have this phobia will insist to be with and around people, because they are panicking that something horrible will happen to them once they remain alone. Their anxiety reaches the highest level and they often suffer from panic attacks.

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Fear and aversion to work. These people have uncommon fear of physical labor or getting an employment. This phobia is connected with social phobia as well as the phobia of failing and being unable to finish tasks successfully.

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Morbid fear of sleeping. People who have this phobia fear that they will die in their sleep or that they will have night mares. This phobia develops in people who had some serious trauma in their waking life that got manifested as repetitive night mares.

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6 Brontophobia

Fear of thunders and lightening. Besides in humans, this phobia can be developed in animals too. This fear causes anxiety and panic during thunderstorms, which can lead to crying, hiding, sweating and panic reactions.

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Fear of being buried alive. Till medicine has gone forward in the knowledge of clinical death, there were a lot of cases of people who woke up after suffering few minutes of clinical death. So the fear developed that they might have been buried alive. Today, people still suffer from this phobia, although there are very small chances to survive a burial because of lack of oxygen.

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Fear of having or developing fear. This is a magic circle that causes great anxiety to people who have it. Their constant fear of the fear causes these people panic attacks and general anxiety symptoms.



Fear of the Moon. People who have this fear develop extreme anxiety whenever fool moon appears. They are associating it with certain traumas that happen in the past, or if they were told that bad things happen during fool moon.

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Fear of crossing roads. People with this fear are not able to cross the street or the road by themselves even though they are physically perfectly healthy. This fear happens even when there are no cars passing down the street. Sometimes it’s very hard for them to cross the street even with a companion. Usually this fear is caused by major traumas and makes them feel anxiety and very often panic attacks.

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Fear of the colour yellow. It sounds weird and completely unbelievable, but there are people who are scared of the yellow color. They are scared from anything that comes in this color including the sun.

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Fear of falling asleep. This phobia can be very exhausting because these people will do anything just to avoid sleeping. It is often caused after a traumatic experience with night mares that led them to associate sleeping with death.

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Fear of clowns. This pretty common phobia among many people manifested with fear from clown faces or clown costumes and dolls. This phobia is widely spread because of many horror movies where clowns were the murderers. People who suffer from this phobia often say that clowns’ faces are scary because you can’t say if they are happy or sad and their face expression is often unclear.

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