Did You Have Your Tonsils Removed? Study Says It May Be Bad For Your Health

Tonsillitis is a common problem in many kids and as common as the disease is the remedy which is removing the tonsils. Millions of children worldwide have their tonsils removed along with their adenoids. Both these tissues are the lymphatic tissue of the human body responsible for immunity. They are the first soldiers in the front line of defense against infection and disease and pathogens that try to enter our bodies’ through the respiratory tract. This is why tonsils usually acquire chronic infection and inflammation in the early years of one’s life.


1The general belief was removal of tonsils wasn’t a significant concern

It has always been the belief of the medical fraternity that the tonsils aren’t that important and don’t usually impact human health all that much. Thus removing them is no big deal for them. The most common course of action is to simply remove the source of pain and inflammation being the tonsils.

Removal of tonsils

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2A new study feels that tonsils are important for health

However, in a total turnabout, a new study is now suggesting that this practice of removing a child’s tonsils isn’t the right thing to do and it could be bad for the child’s future health. So what exactly are parents supposed to do since this is a dilemma of sorts?

Tonsils are important for health

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3Tonsil removal was endangering immunity

The remarkable study which will definitely invite a lot of debate was published in JAMA Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery. It outlined suggestions that the common practice of removing the tonsils of children was actually endangering their immunity and future health.

Tonsil removal was endangering immunity

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4Research from 1.2 million individuals

The research study was headed by lead researcher Dr. Sean Byars of the University of Melbourne. The study involved data from 1.2 million Danish people whose health records were monitored right from the age of ten to thirty. The individuals were compared according to whether they had their tonsils removed from age nine.

Research from 1.2 million individuals

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5Tonsillectomies invited a risk of respiratory disease

Dr. Byars found that all the people who had their tonsils removed via a tonsillectomy before they were nine were three times at risk of contracting allergies and upper respiratory tract infections. These ranged from diseases like asthma, pneumonia, influenza, and others.

Tonsillectomies invited a risk of respiratory disease

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