Look closely at your tongue to know more about your health condition

You tongue is a wonder organ of the body. It is because of a tongue that you are able to taste the delicious foods and drinks. But, do you know that your tongue can also serve as a guide to your health conditions. If you can see any changes in your tongue, then there is a high possibility that something is fishy. Take a look at how you can identify health issues just by looking at your tongue.


1 Swollen Tongue

If you feel that your tongue has suddenly swollen up, you would need to take medical help. A swollen tongue can lead to the blockage of air flow in your body and also trigger suffocation. A swollen tongue can occur due to any sort of allergic reaction or due to the intake of certain medicines which are being taken due to high pressure. Drug allergy of medicines such as aspirin and ibuprofen may also cause swollen tongue in some cases. Apart from drug allergy, there are various kinds of foods, which may also cause a swollen tongue.

They may include foods like peanuts, egg, wheat and milk products, as well as shellfish and cheese, but these allergies vary from person to person, if at all they have any. Your tongue may also swell due to bite of an insect like a bee. A bee sting may cause great pain in the tongue and can sometimes also be really life threatening. If you feel that there is no particular cause to swollen tongue then look out for an infection.

Swollen Tongue

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2 Thick coating on your tongue

Stand in front of the mirror and observe your tongue well. Does it look clear and red or does it have a whitish coating on it. A white coating on the tongue means that you are having some kind of digestive problems as well as unsmooth bowel movements. Healthy digestion gives your tongue a clear and pinkish impression that looks good and fresh. However, if your tongue has a white coating, then this gives an indication that you need to consult a doctor for your health. The white coating on your tongue indicates the presence of bacteria and dead cells.


Cleaning your tongue with a tongue cleaner when you brush your teeth every day can easily solve this problem. You can also drink a great deal of water in order to get rid of this problem. White tongue can also signify problems of thrust and yeast infection in the tongue. This is common in old people as well as children. People with white tongue may also have dry mouth, mouth ulcer, fever and mouth breathing.

Thick coating on your tongue

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3 A Red tongue

If you feel that your tongue is as red, then you can expect indications of scarlet fever. Scarlet fever is a bacterial disease that may be caused by problems like strep throat. The bacteria release a toxic product that can cause rashes. This is common in children. The red tip of your tongue indicates the condition of your heart. If the tip is too red then that indicates that you have too much heat in the system and it can also result in palpitation, insomnia and nervousness.

A Red tongue

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4 Teeth marks beside your tongue

If your tongue contains teeth marks, then it means that while sleeping, you are pushing your tongue against your teeth or the tongue is swollen. There are chances where in you are grinding your teeth as well. Grinding teeth means that you have symptoms of Spleen Qi Deficiency. This is because of indigestion, low energy, loose stools and sugar cravings.

Teeth marks beside your tongue

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5 Reading your tongue

In order to read your tongue, you need to avoid eating or drinking 30 minutes before. Do not scrape your tongue as well. There should be enough light that would help to see your tongue properly and read it. Stick your tongue outside in a natural manner and look at your tongue for 15 seconds or so but not more. Also, treat your tongue as a part of your body and look out for any changes or abnormalities in the same. If you feel that there are some underlying problems then try looking out for the doctor who would help you to decide on the same.

Try knowing what your tongue speaks about your health. Inspire yourself to know more about your tongue and try watching your tongue change colors when you change your habits. Not all tongues mean that you are unhealthy. If you have had some colored food, your tongue will adapt the same color. For e.g. if you have had a red Popsicle, your tongue would be red. Again, if you have had green spinach, then your tongue would be of a green color. Learn to know your tongue well.

Reading your tongue

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