5 Tips on deactivating your fat storing hormones to burn fat and lose weight

Did you know why despite dieting you may keep gaining weight? The key to losing weight is to know how to deactivate your fat-storing hormones and to counter all the factors contributing to your gaining weight. Just as your body consists of hormones that burn fat; it also contains hormones that contribute to the storage of fat. And if you have to lose weight effectively, then the fat-storing hormones should be deactivated. Losing weight is easier said than done, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from looking to make this change in their life. As there are many ways that people claim to have helped them lose weight, it is understandable that people may struggle to find a method that works for them. But with there being Natural ways to lose belly fat, this could be a step in the right direction when it comes to achieving your weight goals and living a healthier life.


Here are five tips to help you deactivate your fat-storing hormones which will definitely help you lose weight.

1 Fat Burning Hormones versus Fat Storing Hormones

Starving or not eating doesn’t really do anything for you, instead you may gain more weight.This is a common problem with many overweight persons, who feel that despite of their low intake of calories, they still gain weight. Why?


When you stop consuming calories, your fat burning hormones go into slow drive. Visceral fat especially collected around your abdominal area is the most stubborn and can only be burnt through intelligent fat burning strategies initiated by correct hormone activation or deactivation. The correct time of a good cardio is important too. The three main hormones contributing to fat storage are cortisol, estrogen and insulin resistance.

Fat Burning Hormones versus Fat Storing Hormones

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2 Reduce Cortisol, the Stress Producing Hormone

Nutrition is full of contradictions. While coffee in some studies is associated to fat loss, it is one of the main ingredients of cortisol the hormone that increases stress. As weird as it may sound, stress in some people may trigger appetite cravings. These cravings are directly linked to increased cortisol levels, simply because you may not be eating.

The only way to reduce cortisol levels is to practice de-stressing methods such as exercise and mediation. Also ensure a healthy and wholesome diet consisting of lean meat, fatty fish and nuts full of omega 3, fruits and vegetables to provide you with a good amount of fiber. Get a good dose of vitamin c and ensure you have a good night’s sleep.

Reduce Cortisol the Stress Producing Hormone

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3 Cut Down Sugar to Avoid Insulin Resistance

While some people call insulin a fat strong hormone, Insulin instead is an extremely important hormone released by the pancreas to process glucose and convert sugar into energy. When insulin finds that your body already possesses the required level of energy, it processes remaining sugar into glycogen stored in liver. Insulin regulates blood sugar from being too high or too low. Now there is no such thing as deactivating insulin, rather you can take immediate steps to ward off the condition of insulin resistance where you pack your body with so much sugar that insulin can’t really work anymore. The levels of insulin resistance then contribute to weight gain or even Diabetes.


The best way to avoid making your body resistant to insulin is to eat less sugar. Sugar is deadly and the main contributor to visceral fat. Make sure you sleep 7-8 hours a day as lack of sleep is also associated with insulin resistance.

Cut Down Sugar to Avoid Insulin Resistance

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4 Control your estrogen levels

An excess of estrogen causes fat gain, water retention and bloating. Estrogen is increased physiologically and by diet. It can also be increased in women through birth control pills. While in today’s world the use of testosterone is being advocated to regulate the level of estrogen, the best way to reduce estrogen is naturally. Cut out dairy milk, soya milk and soya products from your diet as this contributes to estrogen. Caffeine and fatty foods contribute to high estrogen. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and eat plenty of fiber. If you’re struggling to control estrogen levels like this, though, then this indole-3-carbinol brand is great at controlling the levels as it contains a naturally occurring estrogen blocker. It’s not always possible to control levels naturally so it’s ok to get help from useful products.

Your liver is your best bet in reducing estrogen so do take care of it. Consume fiber-rich foods such as oats and barley as well as organic fruits and veggies that naturally reduce estrogen. A multivitamin supplement recommended by your doctor also helps the body regulate the levels of estrogen.

Control your estrogen

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5 Boost Your Fat Burning Hormones

Instigating your body’s physiology to trigger the fat burning hormones is one way to burn fat. Leptin is one such hormone that is surprisingly increased as you eat more so that it regulates sugar and fat. The flip side however is that it reduces as you eat less. This is because your body is programmed to process energy for survival. When there is less energy, your body will do everything in its power to preserve fat, in this case the stubborn fat. However, while there are ways and means to burn off this fat, you can replenish your requirement of energy in various ways. This is where healthy eating consisting of protein and fiber comes in to play.


The best way to boost leptin is to continue consuming carbohydrate while exercising daily. Moreover a brisk walk everyday is known to increase your pleasure hormones called endorphins which reduce stress and anxiety. Adequate sleep deactivates fat storing hormones, boosts leptin, reduces cortisol and also increases insulin sensitivity.

Boost Your Fat Burning Hormones

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6 Cardio everyday in the morning

The best time to do a good cardio such as walking, jogging or aerobics is the morning. If you have a treadmill at home, hop on it before breakfast. This deactivates your fat storing hormones and works to release fat stored in your body. The mistake that most people make is to have cardio fat burning workouts in the evening but then you have already replenished your body’s stock of fat and energy, so it really amounts to no loss unless you are into rigorous workouts. Cardio in the morning ensures your metabolism calls upon your fat stocks for energy instead.


A good cardio of brisk walking or cycling 30 minutes at least five times a week is sure to do the trick. However always consult your physio or doctor before any change in diet or workout routine.

Cardio everyday in the morning

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