10 Tips That Will Help Parents Avoid Back Problems Later

One of the most common pains and aches people go to the doctor for is back pain. While there are numerous ways to relieve your back pain, but there are also many helpful tips on how to prevent it. The majority of people who develop back pain are parents or labor workers. So, if you’re a parent, you may have to deal with specific situations that put your back in a problematic position which could end up leading to back pain. It would be good to know what it is you’re doing that causes your back pain, while taking care of your kids. Here are 10 tips for parents, on how to avoid developing back pain.


1Pick your baby up from the floor without bending over

Pick your baby up from the floor for their naptime or for breastfeeding with the right technique. First, get into a squat position and tighten up your stomach muscles, then bring your baby closer to your chest and hold them. With your legs squat up and use your leg strength to lift your baby up. This way you won’t have to extend your arms to lift your child up or bend over which could cause you back problems later.

Pick your baby up from the floor

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2Never carry your baby on one hip

Most people find it easier to hold their babies on just one hip and feel it is more comfortable as well. Bu placing your child’s weight on just one side of your body can end up creating an imbalance which leads to back pain and other problems. It is advised to always hold your child against your chest and support them with both hands.

Never carry your baby on one hip

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3Don’t slouch on the stroller

When you’re out with your baby in a stroller in public, don’t lean or slouch on the stroller. Always keep your back straight while pushing the stroller because if you end up slouching on it, your back is going to suffer later. The slouching posture will strain your back muscles causing misalignment of the spine. Also, remember to get in a squatting position when putting your child in or taking them out of the stroller, to avoid bending your back.

Dont slouch on the stroller

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