10 Tips That Really Help You Stop Snoring

Love is something so powerful that it can conquer anything, but snoring. Yes! you heard it right, love cannot beat snoring which is why it is the third most common reason for divorce in the US and the UK.


But don’t start panicking about your relationship yet, because there is some good news for you. There are tips and ways which will show you how you can overcome your snoring habit. Try these 10 tips to help you stop snoring to let your partner have that long outstanding good night’s sleep for once.

1Before heading to bed, blow your nose well

Snoring is often caused when you breathe through your mouth while sleeping. The most common reason why you must be breathing through your mouth is because of a blocked nose. The best solution for this will be to blow your nose properly before going to bed. You can even use a nasal spray to help clear your airways better. Not only will this stop your snoring but will help you have a better-quality sleep as well.

Blow Your nose before bed

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2Start sleeping on your side

While sleeping, you won’t be aware of what’s going on within your body. Most people don’t even know which position they are in when they sleep. The position to be wary of is sleeping on your back. There is a good reason for this- when sleeping on your back, your soft palate and the base of your tongue collapse to the back wall of the throat. This causes an obstruction in breathing which results in those annoying snoring sounds. But you can easily solve this problem by just sleeping on your side. This will help keep your throat open and free the air passage which will stop you from snoring.

Start sleeping on your side

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3Consider using nasal strips

Nasal strips help in lifting and opening the nasal passages to improve breathing. So, if you have a snoring problem due to nasal congestion, then try using these special strips to help you breathe properly, and to reduce and eliminate your snoring tendency.

Consider using nasal strips

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