12 Tips On How to Prevent Blood Clots That Can Save Your Life

9Lift your legs above your heart regularly

You have to lie on your back and lift your legs such that it is against the wall. It should be 6 inches above your heart and head level. You should perform this exercise after sitting or standing upright for a long time so that the blood which has accumulated in your feet the entire day can flow throughout the body.


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10Avoid crossing your legs

If you are prone to blood clots, you should avoid sitting with your legs crossed for a long time. You should avoid putting a significant amount of pressure in your legs and keep changing your sitting position frequently. You should always remain relaxed and comfortable when you’re sitting.


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11Go for long walks

Walking is one of the healthiest exercises to improve circulation. It is also good for weight loss as weight issues can apply pressure on legs and impede circulation. Walk for at least 45 minutes daily and at a brisk pace to get the maximum benefit.


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12Stretching exercises

If you are working at a desk job for long periods of time, it is advisable to take time off twice in the day or whenever you get time to practice some stretches for the legs. This hardly takes time and can be done anywhere. It is great for improving circulation, oxygenating your legs and also preventing issues like swelling.


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