12 Tips On How to Prevent Blood Clots That Can Save Your Life

5Eat natural blood thinners

A doctor can probably recommend you to have blood thinner drugs, but a variety of natural blood thinners are available too. The risk of blood clots can be reduced if you add turmeric, gingko infused tea and raw garlic to your daily diet. They are delicious and also good for your overall health.


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6Flex and twist your toes and ankles

We usually sit at work most of the days; this decreases the blood flow to our legs. If you can’t walk around, you can flex your feet, wiggles your toes and even twist your ankles to promote the circulation of blood to your feet.


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7Wear compression stockings

If you have frequent problems like swelling or poor circulation of blood, you should start using compression stockings. They are available in various colors and sizes; they improve the circulation of blood in your legs for the entire day. If you don’t have healthy blood circulation, the doctor might recommend you to use compression stockings.


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8Apply helichrysum oil to your skin

A yellow flower known as Helichrysum is a natural blood thinner. It naturally prevents the formation of blood clots and also is a great ingredient for preventing inflammation. You should apply a few drops of the oil in the areas with poor circulation.


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