5 Tips to get cleaner and whiter teeth with fresher breath without Chewing Gum!

Whenever we meet someone, the first thing that other people notice about us is our smile. Our teeth are something that put the first impression on other people. The second thing they notice or rather feel is the breath and if it smells bad, you can see variable expressions on their face due to the bad breath.


And it gets very uncomfortable when it comes to telling someone that their breath stinks or something is stuck in their teeth. That is why for first impressions you should practice perfect oral hygiene. This includes visiting the dentist regularly for checkups and maybe even keeping topped up on products like Crest Whitening Strips to ensure they’re looking their best. If you feel like your teeth are too far gone then look into going to a cosmetic dentist San Diego.

Here are 5 natural and easy ways to whiten your teeth and also keep your breath minty fresh.


1 Chlorophyll

Chlorophyll is a natural component that is found in the plants and which is responsible for giving the plants its green color and specific odor. The chlorophyll is a chemo protein that is found in leafy, green vegetables like spinach, broccoli, lettuce and cabbage. It is a wonderful component that helps in stopping acne; stimulating sliver function and it even helps in preventing cancer.

One other thing it is good at is deodorizing things. It is also very good for removing bad breath from our mouth. One such vegetable is parsley and eating or chewing on a few leaves will refresh your breath. There are many cultures that add parsley to their food items just for this specific purpose.


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2 Toothpicks

Toothpicks are made out of wood or plastic and are usually used to remove food stuck in your mouth, in between teeth or in cavities. Now you can also get flavored toothpicks, which are usually soaked in mint oil or cinnamon oils. You can buy them in any store. All you have to do is keep sucking on the toothpicks gently, especially after a meal consisting of garlic or ginger. These oils not only kill the germs in mouth, but also help you in having minty fresh breath.


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3 Baking soda

Baking soda is the precursor to the modern toothpaste. People from ancient times have been using baking soda in order to whiten their teeth. The baking soda provides a gentle scratch that gets rid of the tartar and the plaque that gets deposited on the teeth and ruins the color of teeth in long run. The sodium content in the soda, also kills the germs on the gums and tongue that are responsible for bad breathe and along with whitening the teeth, it also gives fresh breathe. It is a cheap but quality product that you can use to brush teeth by mixing it with some salt and lime juice in night. If you want really white teeth, you might consider buying a product like opalescence 35 to give you the perfect smile!

Baking soda

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4 Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is usually used for disinfecting an injury. It is a great thing to kill germs and bacteria in order to avoid any infection. It is also an active agent in lots of teeth whitening products since it has been used as a bleaching agent. You can use a bottle of hydrogen peroxide, since it is in mild concentration and can help you get whiter teeth. Do not use the bottles that are available at the dentists, since they are of much higher concentration and can damage your teeth. For this option, it is probably best that you consult someone like this Dentist in Santa Monica if you are unsure. As misuse of hydrogen peroxide can cause significant burns to the gums and damage to the teeth.

Hydrogen Peroxide

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5 Sage Leaves

Sage is an herb that is mostly used in seasoning turkey and chicken. But the Native Americans and other people have been using it for its amazing curing properties. It also has some very good teeth whitening properties. You need to rub 2-3 leaves of sage on your teeth two times a day. The oils present in the sage leaves will whiten the teeth and kill germs in mouth and give fresh breath.

Sage Leaves

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