What The Tingling Sensation In Your Hands And Feet Could Tell You About Your Health

If you have ever felt a tingling sensation like a limb falling asleep or pins and needles poking your skin, you must have just ignored it. More often than not, we tend to ignore any sensations we feel on our skin. However, sometimes it’s a sign of some serious health conditions. For example, if your feet regularly tingle and hurt then that could be a sign of Morton’s neuroma. This is serious because when you have Morton’s neuroma, the swollen nerves are like having a marble in between your toes. It’s something you definitely need to get help for if you are experiencing this. On the other hand, if you are feeling this tingling sensation all around your body, you may be suffering from paresthesia. Today we’re here to talk about paresthesia.


1What is paresthesia?

How does it happen? The symptoms, prevention and other important need to know facts about paresthesia. Why are we talking about this? Because the tingling sensation you may be feeling in your feet and hands might be telling you about the condition of your body that you don’t understand. This article will tell you about all the signs you should not ignore.

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2Why does it happen?

Paresthesia can be understood simply as a kind of anesthesia that is put on our limbs. This is because of pressure being exerted on certain nerves and veins. As a result of this, blood flow is disturbed. Once the pressure is released, the numbness dissipates as the blood flow normalizes. We feel this when we sit or lie down in the same position for too long.



We have often felt like our limbs have gone numb after not moving them for a while. This is a symptom of paresthesia. Some other symptoms of paresthesia include itchiness or a prickly feeling, alternate feeling of coldness or hotness on the skin, numbness, and inability to move the limb. The tingling sensation can be more intense at times and can even feel like being stung by needs or pins.

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4 “Falling asleep”

The most common experience we have is that after sitting in the same position for too long, our leg “falls asleep”. We are literally unable to move our limbs and it feels like we are not in control of our own body. If you try to stand while your leg is numb, you may not even feel your legs and fall.

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