This woman uses makeup to get rid of her acne using a cool technique

What is beauty? It is the way a person looks to you or what is it inside the person, the person’s feelings, thoughts etc.

Mostly in our society, beauty is not in the eye of the beholder. It is how the person looks externally, its facial features, color of the eyes, cheeks, lips and all other features make you beautiful. And what happens when the person you perceive as a beautiful one discloses something as a bout of acne that disfigures the face you have known to be pretty, the response is mostly repulsive?

A makeup artist who faced criticism and hateful comments on her blog and video channel on revealing her real face, that was not covered with dollops of makeup and other good stuff. Here the complete story and the video that explains what she did and why she did?


1 The makeup artist Em Ford

This is Em Ford, who lives in London and works as a self-taught makeup artist. She runs a blog and YouTube channel by the name of Pale skin blogger. She shares various makeup tricks in her blog and on encouragement of her followers also shared the same tips on YouTube in a series of videos.

Her tutorials on makeup are famous worldwide and she had gained appreciation for her skill and art.

Mmakeup artist Em Ford

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2 Her facial condition

“I had relatively clear skin as a teenager and up into my early twenties,” Ford says. “But my acne seriously developed in late 2014 — and it was the worst in early 2015.

Unfortunately, she was struck by a bout of adult acne so bad that it transformed her face totally. She then decided to unveil her real look on her blog and YouTube channel. The blogger’s step-by-step films feature wide-ranging cosmetic tricks like winged liner, how to perfect a smoky eye and much more. But three months ago the online sensation decided to display her true self by rubbing off her face clean and posting no make-up selfies on social media.

The moment she unveiled her real no makeup laden face, she faced immediate criticism for her looks.

Her facial condition

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