This model has had over 20 cosmetic surgeries in order to become perfect. Has she become perfect…?

Plastic surgery was invented as a method to give people, who got disfigured in accidents, a normal appearance. The technique was first founded by Indian physician Sushruta, who performed reconstructive surgeries in 800 BC.

The techniques of the surgery were greatly improved during the period of wars, so that soldiers who were disfigured from the war due to injuries could lead a normal life. The advancement in such surgeries proved to be a boon to people who were disfigured due to reasons beyond their control.

But as with everything, the practice of plastic surgery developed into cosmetic surgery, giving people the kind of bodily features they wanted. Here is one such 26-year-old model, who went through 20 cosmetic surgeries.

1 The model

The model in question is Aleira Avendano from Venezuela and she has had more than 20 plastic surgeries in order to achieve that perfect body. She has had two nose jobs, four breast enlargements, a gastric bypass and implants in the butt, just to name a few.


Her first breast implant came at the age of 19. She also rocks a 20 inch waist, which is a result of wearing a corset. Her hourglass figure is all due to the magic of corset and multiple plastic surgeries.

She also has some injuries to go with that figure. She has crushed her ribs because of wearing a corset for 7 years straight to achieve that 20-inch waist.

The model

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