This model has had over 20 cosmetic surgeries in order to become perfect. Has she become perfect…?

Plastic surgery was invented as a method to give people, who got disfigured in accidents, a normal appearance. The technique was first founded by Indian physician Sushruta, who performed reconstructive surgeries in 800 BC.


The techniques of the surgery were greatly improved during the period of wars, so that soldiers who were disfigured from the war due to injuries could lead a normal life. The advancement in such surgeries proved to be a boon to people who were disfigured due to reasons beyond their control.

But as with everything, the practice of plastic surgery developed into cosmetic surgery, giving people the kind of bodily features they wanted. Here is one such 26-year-old model, who went through 20 cosmetic surgeries.


1 The model

The model in question is Aleira Avendano from Venezuela and she has had more than 20 plastic surgeries in order to achieve that perfect body. She has had two nose jobs, four breast enlargements, a gastric bypass and implants in the butt, just to name a few.

Her first breast implant came at the age of 19. She also rocks a 20 inch waist, which is a result of wearing a corset. Her hourglass figure is all due to the magic of corset and multiple plastic surgeries.

She also has some injuries to go with that figure. She has crushed her ribs because of wearing a corset for 7 years straight to achieve that 20-inch waist.

The model

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2 Reason for surgeries

Aleira Avendano says that she will undergo more surgeries if need be and said that all women should undergo surgeries as it gives them the look they want. “I’m not worried about going under the knife,” she said. She further added, “I will have whatever kind of surgery that makes me feel better about my body.”

Her goal now is to make her body world famous. Her body is a result of cosmetic surgeries and corset torture, which was once a leading fashion statement for ladies in the mid 1800s and early 1900s. “Only the strongest and most beautiful women are willing to go under the knife in the name of perfection,” says 26-year-old Aleira Avendaño.

Reason for surgeries

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3 Reactions and comments

Aleira Avendaño has more than 500,000 followers on her photo sharing account on Instagram. Her idea is to promote her perfect figure to the whole world. She has already gone to the extent of removing her real teeth and replacing them with false dentures, so that she can have the perfect smile forever and not worry about ruining that smile.

She also feels that the hourglass image is the perfect image for a woman and every woman needs to achieve that goal by any means possible. She admits that her first nose job was actually the most painful and she couldn’t post photos on Instagram for almost a month as her face was all black and blue.

Reactions and comments

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She makes appearances in countries as far away as China and Japan to show off her body and has appeared in the Mexican version of the popular Playboy magazine. Her boyfriend is not jealous of the attention she constantly gets as he supports her decision to get more surgeries.

4 Her ultimate goal

Aleira Avendaño says that her ultimate goal is to be known as the sexiest woman on Earth for her beauty. She has underwent difficult surgeries like neck elongation, liposuction and as per the Venezuelan plastic surgery standards, she apparently was late in the surgery business.

Almost 2/3rds of all Venezuelan women between the ages of 18-35 have had breast enlargement and 20% of women have butt implants. The doctors actually suggest and tell people not to opt for surgery unless it is the last option for many of them. One doctor from Mexico who studied the case of Aleira Avendaño says that a tight corset can have disastrous effects on the internal organs. Wearing a corset restricts the lungs and respiration and it causes indigestion in the stomach as it reduces its capacity to churn; it can even cause gallstones and, in extreme cases, it can even displace the liver.

Her ultimate goal

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Do you think she is doing the right thing?


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