This magic herb found in your kitchen is now scientifically proven to reduce the risk of lung cancer


In vampire folklore, garlic is said to be so pungent that it can keep vampires away. There’s no doubt about the strong odor of garlic, and this little bulb is notoriously ill reputed for it! But, did you know that there are countless benefits of garlic?? Alternative medicine has always extolled the virtues of garlic as a strong antibiotic. Those who care little for its medicinal effects will never complain about the merits of garlic as one of the best food enhancers. Ask the Chinese and the Italians, you can’t have a good chilly chicken without garlic and neither could you enjoy a great spaghetti and meatball without adding garlic.

But now, a new research has found another phenomenal use for garlic. It is amazing that garlic can now reduce the risk of lung cancer!!!

1 New Study Links Garlic to Protection from Lung Cancer

Trust the Chinese, who love their garlic, to promote its medicinal benefits to the world and that too with academic proof. Chinese scientists have successfully undertaken a new study which shows that consuming raw garlic reduces risks of lung cancer by an impressive 45%. The research reached its conclusion after interviewing 1424 cancer stricken patients and 4535 healthy patients, all of who mate garlic in some form or the other.

Although smoking is the primary culprit of lung cancer, non-smokers are always at risk too, because of the high levels of pollution. It’s always good to know of new remedies that easily protect you from such a malicious disease.

New Study Links Garlic to Protection from Lung Cancer

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2 Compounds present in garlic are cancer fighting agents

The Chinese study found that the compounds in garlic had the ability to prevent cancerous chemicals. The observation warranted merit for further study on garlic, providing proof of its ability to reduce the risk of lung cancer. The most convincing proof came from two compounds present in garlic. Diallyl disulfide and organosulfur; which scientists felt were the main cancer fighting agents. Innumerous studies over the years have linked the dreaded habit of smoking to lung cancer. However studies now are also indicative of the fact that non-smokers and partial smokers are also at risk by over 250%. Non-smokers were also at risk through factory smoke, pollution, fried food and hereditary factors.

Compounds present in garlic are cancer fighting agents

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3 Raw Garlic is really amazing!

Among all natural remedies and substances whish reduced a lung cancer risk, garlic wins hands down. Exercise reduces lung cancer by 15 %. Green tea by 18% but raw garlic!!! A huge 44 %. The researchers proved that in comparison to those who did not consume garlic, those who ate at least 33 grams of raw garlic twice in the week benefitted with the 44% reduction in risk of acquiring lung cancer. These who consumed garlic once a week acquired just an 8% reduction.

This isn’t the only unique part of the study. EVEN SMOKERS who consumed raw garlic at the prescribed rate acquired a reduction risk of 30% in suffering from lung cancer. However this doesn’t mean that garlic allows you to smoke. Smoking is always bad for health!!!

Raw Garlic is really amazing!

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4 Compounds Present In Garlic Reduces Risks from Several Cancers

Garlic’s medicinal properties are derived from within the pods of the bulb. When garlic is crushed and eaten, the compounds are released from within the garlic and emitted fumes are inhaled into the lungs.

Laboratory studies researching on garlic have even found that its properties have the ability to kill cancer cells in the liver, colon and stomach. Animal studies have also proven it to be effective against lymphoma and breast cancer.

Compounds Present In Garlic Reduces Risks from Several Cancers

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5 Raw garlic is the best!

Although raw garlic can give you a real bad taste in the mouth, still upon habit, you could get used to its pungent flavor. The Chinese study only included the consumption of raw garlic. The strong odor of garlic can be neutralized by adding it to various foods like fresh salads and a fresh salsa.

Chopped raw garlic even enhances the flavor of several foods where you can add it to crushed tomatoes, fresh basil and herbs for great veggie pasta. Raw garlic in food not only increases flavor, you also get the full benefit of the medicinal properties of garlic as it greatly reduces the risk of lung cancer.

Raw garlic is the best!

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