This is what less than 8 hours of sleep can do to you

Running around the clock and juggling work and home front,makes us hard wired and thus, as human beings, sleep is essential for us. But do you know how much sleep is good for you? Studies through time have listed eight hours as the optimum time required for your body to feel refreshed and ready to take on another day. If you haven’t been listening to the experts, it’s time to pull up your socks because this is what less than 8 hours of sleep does to your body.

1 Inability to learn

When you sleep for less than eight hours, it leads to cognitive impairment. Studies have proven that sleep deprivation leads to a sluggish mind and problems such as memory loss and distractedness come into play. This distractedness in adults and kids may lead to untimely accidents and troubled decision making.

Less than 8 hours of sleep leads to an un-rested brain that makes it difficult for adolescents or adults to remember common words and routine processes. This impaired speech then leads to an inability to express the thoughts coherently. It is like working in a dream state.

Inability to learn

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2 Weight gain

Experts have always linked lack of sleep to weight gain. People, who sleep for less than eight hours, show signs of increased appetite and a reduction in metabolism rate. When you sleep for less than eight hours,your body becomes inadequate to fight impulses. Racing impulses and cravings for high calorie food goes hand in hand in under-slept people, which ultimately leads to changes in eating patterns and an increase in weight.

Weight gain

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