5 Things That Can Make You Infertile and 5 That Can Improve Fertility

4Unhealthy weight

The primary reason for infertility is being both over- and underweight. According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, 12 % of infertility cases are due to this reason. Hormone elves are affected by your weight which is why an unhealthy weight can cause irregular menstrual cycles, an increased risk of miscarriages, and ovulation disorders.


But, infertility caused due to this can be reversed if you can get your weight back to a normal healthy weight. 70% of women who managed to get their weight back to normal were able to conceive normally without any additional treatment. For a woman, it is crucial that her body BMI or body mass index stays in a healthy range in order for to be able to conceive properly. Consulting a dietician for a diet plan is also recommended.

Unhealthy weight

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5Exposure to certain chemicals

The cosmetic products we apply on our bodies and even the chemicals we use for cleaning our houses are not exactly safe as we had thought them to be. According to research, certain chemicals which contain parabens and phthalates can cause endocrine disruptions and other related problems.

When tested in a laboratory these chemicals appear to be relatively safe, however, scientists are still not sure of how they interact with each other in the human body. Further research is still required to prove whether it is actually safe or not. Regardless, it would be best to be safe than sorry. So, opt for more natural cosmetic products while limiting your exposure to cleaning chemicals as there are plenty of natural cleaning recipes which can be used as a safer substitute.

Exposure to certain chemicals

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IIIHow to boost fertility

1Practice yoga

Yoga is effective for woman who struggle with getting pregnant besides being a great way to stay active without over exercising. The working of the endocrine system also improves and the blood flow to the pelvis is increased by performing certain yoga poses. Yoga also helps in decreasing anxiety and stress levels which have a huge negative impact on fertility.

How to boost fertility

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IVYoga has a number of poses

To boost fertility yoga also offers a variety of poses such as practicing the Viparita Karani and Setu Bandhasana helps in improving blood circulation. Furthermore, moving on the Uttanasana balances out your hormones while if you finish with the Balasana, it can help relaxing your mind and body.

Yoga has a number of poses

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2Be cautious of the products you use in your vaginal area

A woman’s vaginal pH level can be affected by certain products and it can result in the creation of a hostile environment for getting pregnant. For example, vaginal infections and STIS can develop from douching.


Your efforts to get pregnant can also be negated if you choose the wrong lubricant. So, always choose a fertility-friendly lubricant that doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients. Such lubes don’t harm sperm or interfere with their mobility as they are pH neutral and mimic cervical mucus.

Be cautious of the products you use in your vaginal area

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