10 Things Specialists Say You Should Never Do at Night Before Going to Bed


Having a nap and then exercising can have a very positive effect on your sleeping habit, but it all depends on what time you’re doing it. You can sleep well at night by having a nap between 1 pm – 4 pm. You can ruin your daily routine just by napping in the evening and it can even affect your night’s sleep. You should nap every day at the same time and avoid napping for more than 1 1/2 hrs. It is recommended that people suffering from insomnia should avoid taking naps during the day or the evenings.

Napping time

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5Being engaged in creative activities

One good way to rest is Art or an indoor hobby but it doesn’t always work with everyone as the rest needed before going to sleep is very different for the body. Your brain gets active when you perform activities like writing, drawing, or playing instruments. You may get too engrossed in the activity that will keep you up till morning. it is advised to use some time for calming down your brain. It is recommended to avoid performing activities which require great brain activity at-least 1 hr before your sleep, reading a book or meditating can be good alternatives.

Being engaged in creative activities

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6Using electronic devices

This is one activity that research has always recommended to avoid before sleeping. You should avoid using phones and laptops a few hours before heading to bed as the light emitted from these devices can have a major effect on your sleep quality. You should even avoid using phones for reading books before heading to bed. Choose a book or a less eye harmful electronic device. Avoid working in the evenings as there is a high chance that you may start thinking about all the work, tasks and projects you may need to do the next day keeping your mind engaged while laying in bed instead of sleeping. You should try clearing your mind out and prepare for the next day by writing it down.

Using electronic devices before sleep

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7Taking pills

If you’re scared of not being able to sleep then sleeping pills can help but only on a doctor’s advice. Moreover, at night, only sleep medication should be taken an nothing else. You should other medications during different parts of the day in case something is required in the evening, you could take it before or after an early meal. A few anti-depressants can have the effects of sleeping pills while some can make the nervous system more active. However, taking painkillers won’t give you a healthy sleep. If you need pills, consult a doctor and ask about the time you need to do so. You should be aware of all of their side effects as they can cause sleep disorders. Never medicate yourself as this is the most dangerous thing you can do.

Taking pills

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