10 Things Specialists Say You Should Never Do at Night Before Going to Bed

Lifestyle habits, poor diets and the wrong information are the major factors impacting our health in a negative way. More often than not, we get engrossed in work, hobbies and activity without paying attention to the need for sleep. It is a restless night’s sleep or the lack of it that can cause a lot of oxidative stress to our bodies yet things like exercising before sleep or spending time on a phone is something we do unthinkingly. According to specialists, these are the most common things we usually do that we should not at night.



Exercise can play a vital role on our sleep as we tend to fall asleep faster and relieve stress easily. It can only be beneficial when you work out 3-4 hrs before going to sleep. If you return home from a workout session in the gym and try to sleep, your pumped-up body and the ensuing high metabolic state will make sleeping difficult. Moreover, taking a hot shower after returning from the gym before sleeping makes things worse as your nervous system gets aroused and stimulated too.

Single hand warmup exercise

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2Drinking water

It is beneficial for your body to have a small intake of water before going to sleep. But there are many who drink too much than recommended. Drinking too much water can increase the chances of waking up in the middle of the night. Besides making you want to pee too frequently; it could lead to bags below your eyes. This doesn’t recommend not having water in the evening but you should just find out a suitable amount so that you don’t face problems when you sleep. According to doctors, a glass or half of water is the common amount required by most people. Those who suffer from Urinary tract issues or bladder problems should always try to consume their water intake an hour or two before sleeping.

Drinking water before sleep

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Nicotine like caffeine can have a stimulating effect on your body. It increases your heartbeat including blood pressure and acts as a stimulant on brain activity too. However, nicotine is worse than caffeine in a number of ways for the simple reason that it introduces the worst toxins into your body. While there is not much impact on sleep, your sleep quality will be poor making you experience restless sleep. Waking in the morning will never make you feel as if you’ve slept well at all. Smokers are more prone to suffering from insomnia in comparison to those who don’t. Try to avoid smoking 1.5 or 2hrs before sleeping, if you can’t quit. This can help you in falling asleep faster and even improving the quality of your sleep.

Smoking before bed

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