12 Things Your Hair Can Reveal About Your Health

It is common to think that the way we take care of our hair combined with other external factors determines the condition of our hair. However, sometimes our hair along with various other symptoms reflects what’s going wrong with our bodies. This is because there are several conditions that could create symptoms involving the hair. When you have a hair problem there could possibly be a disease that is associated with it and here are some such hair problems which could be a potential indicator of a disease:


1Lifeless and dull hair

Our hair looks dull and lifeless because we neglected taking care of it, or have been dying it too frequently, or may have been using curling irons or straighteners on it a lot, or so we thought. Hair usually becomes dull in winter and hair fall is commonly brought about by the lack of microelements and vitamins in the body. This is a clear indication that your body requires more phosphorous, selenium, and sulfur. To confirm this fact, check your teeth and gums, and if you do notice any dental issues or changes that are not good, immediately consult your doctor.

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Having hair full of dandruff can make it seem rather unpleasant and not to mention it causes excessive itching. Dandruff can be caused by various reasons one such reason being the fact that you could be using a lot of hair care products. Dieting to cut back on carbs and fats can also cause dandruff. Other reasons could be due to gastrointestinal tract issues, immunodeficiency, or even stress.

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3Yellow dandruff

Anyone who suffers from yellow dandruff could be having seborrheic dermatitis which is a dermatological pathology which is quite difficult to cure. If you are suffering from such a condition, then it won’t do you any good to use anti-dandruff shampoos. Only visiting a trichologist will help you find a solution after detecting its cause.

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4Thin and brittle hair

When your body is lacking in protein it may make your hair thin and brittle. Protein is the main element for building up our body and if we don’t get our daily intake of it we will find ourselves lacking in this vital nutrient which in turn impacts our nails, hair, and skin condition. In this case, it would be best to eat more fruits and consume foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids. To get more protein if you are a vegetarian, you could consume dairy, cottage cheese, peas, lentils and vegetarian sources of protein.

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