11 Things All Babies Enjoy The Most When They are in the Womb

Even before a baby is born there is a close connection that is formed between the mother and her precious child in her womb. The Psychological Science study has stated that the mother’s psychological state can be sensed by the fetus. They receive signal from their mother’s body and soul and the more positive the signals the better it is for the unborn baby.


In a sense when Mom is happy, baby is happy too. So, here are some things that you can do in order to let your little one enjoy themself while still in the womb:

1Eat sweet foods

By the 13th-15th week of pregnancy, babies are able to distinguish various flavors. It’s due to the fact that your amniotic fluids taste similar to the foods you eat, and babies when they swallow it learn the taste of different things and get used to it. This is also the reason behind pregnancy cravings.


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Food preferences are created in gestation

It is in the utero that food preferences are settles. Thus, by simply eating a wide range of healthy foods throughout your pregnancy you can ensure that your child becomes a “good eater”. Babies also tend to like sweeter things because it helps in predisposing them to breast milk.


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2Take warm baths

Babies start to sense temperature changes when they get big enough to be pressed towards the mother’s skin. Hence, you should never take a hot bath as it can bring them discomfort and sometimes can even be dangerous. It would best to take warm baths that will help you and the baby relax and keep calm. The baby’s well-being can also be influenced by the sounds of flowing water. To get a happy reaction from your baby try pouring some water over your belly.


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3Engage in belly rubs

After 8 weeks of being pregnant the baby’s touch receptors start to develop. After 20 weeks, the babies are big enough and their receptors are fully capable of feeling your touch even from the outside. It is during this period that tender belly rubs give them the most enjoyment.


4Belly ribs make Babies can get familiar with dad’s touch

This can even allow the baby to get familiar with their soon-to-be Dad’s touch. Both parents can bond with their child this way. While listening to some relaxing and pleasant music keep stroking your belly in soft light movements with some massage oils or creams.


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