These things may be causing damage to your liver! Stop doing all of these right now

The liver is the cleansing and clearing house of your body. A healthy liver performs many important functions which make your body run properly. It regulates the blood glucose levels, processes food and absorbs nutrients from the food, it produces bile which digests fatty foods, detoxifies your body from all the harmful chemicals and toxins. So basically if you have a healthy liver, your body will be doing most of its functions properly. But today’s lifestyle changes have led to various liver conditions which can even lead to cancer. Some of the causes which might be deteriorating your liver day by day are discussed below:

1 Sleeping too late and waking up too late

If you are under the habit of sleeping late at night, you will definitely be waking up late in the morning. This disturbed sleeping pattern can create many problems. The time from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. is reserved by your body for detoxification. The body needs a sound sleep to be able conduct the cleaning process within the body, and if you do not give your body adequate amount of peaceful sleep, you will hinder the detoxification process and then needless to say, those toxins will play their bad games.

Sleeping too late and waking up too late

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2 Not urinating in the morning

Your liver had been working all night to cleanse your body and till morning it sends off most of the toxins to the bladder, now if you do not urinate in the morning, you may keep those toxins within your body for a longer time which may give you urinary tract infections. SO, don’t be lazy, get up and go to the washroom, do this much favour on your body.

Not urinating in the morning

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