These 7 Healthy tips are sure to protect women from heart disease

Amongst all diseases taking American lives, Heart disease is the biggest culprit. Women especially are prone to this active killer due to the unfortunate fact that women have different kinds of symptoms when there is an involvement of a heart attack. How do you protect women from heart disease?

According to government statistics in the USA, 1 in every 4 female deaths is caused by heart disease. What causes the symptoms of impending heart attack in women to be masked for something else?

1 Women Suffer Heart Attacks without Warning

Unlike the usual hand tingling, or severe angina type chest pain experienced by men, women will feel a burning sensation in chest akin to heart burn. The wide range of symptoms such as pain in the jaw, the throat or abdomen, palpitations or shortness of breath all make women misread such occurrences thus making them more susceptible to a life threatening heart attack.

A woman can experience a heart attack without prior warning. Thus, it is imperative that a woman gets her heart checked with every visit to the doctor. Fortunately for all, an improvement in diet, a significant change in lifestyle and a number of natural home remedies can contribute much to protect women from heart disease.Here are some life altering tips for a healthy heart.

Women Suffer Heart Attacks without Warning

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2 Eat more vegetables and go easy on meat

Consuming too much red meat is always bad for health. Eating an abundance of vegetables not only improves blood flow to increase oxygen, it also strengthen your heart as there are less chances of clogged arteries form the cholesterol in meat. Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, carrots, tomatoes, and spinach are rich in antioxidants to combat the scavenging free radicals which attack your body. Vegetables contain a whole lot of vitamins and minerals that promote cell growth and protect you from disease.

Eat more vegetables and go easy on meat

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