These 6 cancer causers found inside your home are silently killing you

We all think that our homes are a haven of cleanliness, hygiene and sanitation, but this is a far cry from reality. We complain a lot about the impurities outside our homes, but the truth is there are a few products within the premises of our residence that are hazardous to our health, and which could eventually turn out to be fatal as well.


Chemicals like formaldehyde, nitrobenzene and methylene chloride which are infamous for their potential threats to wellness are present in everyday harmless products such as rubber, plastic, deodorants, and shampoos.

Considering the rise in diseases, especially the potentially fatal ones like cancer, it is high time we learn about the causes of these deadly diseases. Awareness is a key in reducing the risk of cancer, hence, listed below are 6 cancer causers at home you should immediately get rid of.


1 Plastic

Well, this one is a no brainer, since we’ve been constantly reading articles about the harmful effects of plastic in our health. Plastic contains BPA or bisphenol A, which has been linked to health hazards like cancer, reproductive system problems, as well as heart diseases.

While we all are aware about how potentially hazardous plastic is to our lives, it is difficult to eliminate its daily use due to availability and convenience. Though there have been many steps taken by the manufacturers to remove BPA from commercial production, the reality has seen the light of the day only in a couple of states.

However, the healthier option is definitely BPA free products, which are now easily available in the market. Have I given yet another excuse to shop, ladies? Whatever has turned you on, please get rid of this biggest cancer causer without delay.


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2 Air fresheners

Who would have thought that the air fresheners we use to make our homes odor-free and fragrant, actually have carcinogens and toxins in their formulas! The presence of these components in the formula of air fresheners could aggravate the case of asthmatic patients, as well as having a hazardous affect on the reproductive development of both men and women.

When air fresheners were tested in the year 2008 by Anne Steinemann in Washington, it was found out that the chemicals which came out of the product were listed toxic under the federal law. However, none of these chemicals was listed on the product labels of the air fresheners.

Regardless of that, it is time you throw out the air fresheners from your homes and instead use natural fragrances from essential oils. Yes, there are many available, just use your fingers well on the keyboard.

Air fresheners

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3 Nonstick Cookware

As we have become health conscious people over time, nonstick cookware is our new way of life. Cookware with a nonstick Teflon coating has been a life saver in terms of calories for many people the world over. However, this coating of Teflon has been infamous for quite some time due to the presence of PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid), which could potentially cause cancer.

Hence, one shouldn’t use nonstick cookware for cooking at a temperature over 300 degrees Celsius and should throw them away after the coating starts to come off. There are many safer options like glass, cast iron, copper, etc. available in the market for cooking, including the new age nonstick cookware which use ceramic and titanium these days.

Nonstick Cookware

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4 Art supplies

Children and art supplies at home go hand in hand, but did you know there are certain types of art supplies that are actually harmful for your children? Epoxy, rubber cement glues, acrylic paints & solvents, as well as permanent markers contain chemicals which are the root cause of several allergies, organ damage, and in the long run, cancer as well.

While we might feel that children have high tolerance towards toxins, it is actually the opposite. Thanks to their high metabolism and immature immune system, they are the first ones to be affected. Hence, you should get rid of these toxic art supplies today. Using green and nontoxic alternative art supplies instead, which are safe for your little ones, would give you peace of mind. It is sad though, that such products are also one of the biggest cancer causers.

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5 Personal Care products and cosmetics

This might come as the biggest shock to you all, but the personal care products you use to keep yourself clean are potential disease breeders in your homes. They are one of the most serious cancer causers that have been sitting proud in your cosmetics shelf.

Deodorants are one of the biggest culprits! Since these products are made to stay on our bodies for multiple hours, the chemicals are also absorbed faster by the skin. Most deodorants available in the market contain many ingredients, which are linked to potent cancers.


Moving over to shampoos – even conventional shampoos – contain toxic ingredients. Though it still hasn’t been proven whether they have the potential to cause cancer or not, it is reason enough to switch to organic and natural products.

The horror story doesn’t end there; a lady’s make up bag is a ticking time bomb for diseases which contain chemicals that are classified carcinogens. These chemicals are present in nail polish, hair sprays, fragrances, etc.

Lastly, the favorite among women – lipsticks – are said to contain lead which has been historically the reason behind many diseases, including cancer.

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6 Candles

While we all bring out the candles for a special occasion with our loved ones, the hazard in using commercially produced candles is more than just causing a fire in the house. As per a study by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, it was found out that about 40% of candles available in the market contain lead wires inside the candle wicks, with maximum presence in scented candles. The candle manufacturers do this, since fragrance oils tend to soften the wax, while lead addition makes the wick stronger.

These lead core wick releases five times more lead than what is permissible as per the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and are quite dangerous for children. Apart from that, exposure to large amounts of lead may result to hormone disruptions, change in behavioral patterns, learning disabilities, as well as other health problems.
I agree we all want to make our homes aesthetic looking and love using candles. But, after reading this, all we can suggest is that instead of using the commercial candles available in the market, opt for beeswax candles with cotton wicks. See, we gave you an alternative…


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It is rightly said that prevention is better than cure and hence, reducing the use of the above-mentioned products will definitely make you and your family less likely to develop health diseases, especially fatal ones like cancer.


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