There are a few painful conditions that doctors believe exist only in your head

Painful conditions and diseases around the world have always taken the better of us. However, surprisingly there exist few painful conditions that doctors believe as existent only in the head. Imagine having to go through a painful ordeal and nights of sleeplessness while the doctor announces that this disease barely exists and merely is part of what your head tells you.

1 Exploding Head Syndrome

The condition called Exploding Head Syndrome or EHS is defined as a feeling that your head could explode while you are sleeping, this has no physical side effects or medical harm in that sense, but is a cause of immense trauma to the patient. This painful disease could generally occur when you are about to fall asleep but can also cause you to jolt up awake from sleep all of a sudden.

Some related symptoms of this painful disease are seeing flashes of lights, chest pain and a sensation of electricity running through your body.


Exploding Head Syndrome

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2 Fibromyalgia

This painful disease is linked to a number of other symptoms too. This can include body ache, depression, fatigue as well as severe headache. While there are so many downs to this painful disease, doctors believe that this is all in the head of the patients.


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3 Somatization Disorder

Somatization disorder is another of those painful conditions that doctors believe to exist only in the head. This condition is responsible for anxiety issues in patients too. There are a whole lot of physical symptoms to this popular physical condition but the most well known are headaches, amnesia, dizziness, paralysis and changes in the vision. Despite so many symptoms the physical condition is attributed to psychological causes.

Somatization Disorder

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