“The White Death” – The Truth about Sugar

The title that has been given to sugar “The White Death,” indicates that it is one of the most dangerous things that could affect your wellbeing. Majority of us have no idea how devastating sugar can be for our health. The intake of sugar in the last centuries has highly increased, and the diseases associated with it also increases day by day. It is a common knowledge that high intake of sugar can lead to different diseases, and these include the following.

1 Diabetes

The high intake of sugar can cause you diabetes, which is the most common disease among people of all age groups. Insulin is an important hormone. It helps the body use or store the glucose (sugar) it gets from the blood by allowing glucose to enter the cells. Insulin plays a significant role for the body to work smoothly and efficiently. In diabetes, the insulin inside your body either stops working or it is produced insufficiently, making the cells resistant.

Obesity leads to insulin resistance which in turn can develop to Type 2 diabetes. Many researchers have studied that high consumption of sugar can lead you to become insulin resistant. Diabetes is a type of disease that once it comes it never leaves you; it will be with you till the end of life. Diabetes slowly leads you to death.


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2 Cancer

You may be shocked, but it’s true and have been proven that high intake of sugar in our daily life can cause cancer. Today, cancer is a major cause of death all over the world. Cancer is a disease in which there is rapid and uncontrolled growth of cells.

Insulin also plays an important role in controlling cells but with high consumption of sugar, insulin fails to control the cells which can lead to cancer. Researchers have proven that people who consumed more sugar in their lives are at a higher risk of cancer.


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