The most horrifying diseases – may God keep you away from these


Most diseases are treatable; however, there are some that are tough to diagnose, have no real cause and tend to have extremely painful and inexplicable symptoms. Here are some of them and these are mostly fatal.

1 Adiposis dolorosa

Also known as the Decrum’s disease, a condition characterized by the appearance of painful limpomas or benign tumors of body fat. They usually appear on the upper legs, upper arms and on the trunk. The cause is still unknown. It can be surgically treated but the fat will develop again. The patient may use lidocaine for pain and weight loss strategies could ease the misery. There is no real treatment for Adiposis dolorosa. This is the disease of obese women between the ages of 30 and 35.

Adiposis dolorosa

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2 Marburg Hemorrhagic fever

It is a fever caused by the Marburg virus and both humans and non-humans can get infected; it is an animal-borne filovirus. There are five species of Ebola virus and those all the only other known members of this type of virus. The Marburg virus was first discovered in Germany and then in former Yugoslavia in laboratories where the research on polio were conducted. Around thirty people got six while seven of them ended up dead. All of them were in contact with African green monkeys’ tissue during conducting experiments. The initial symptoms remind of malaria, followed by bleeding though the mouth and the rectum. There is still no real treatment.

Marburg Hemorrhagic fever

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3 CancrumOris – or Noma

A progressive infection which occurs when the immune system is being compromised. It can be cause by AIDS, malnutrition, bad oral hygiene, bad water, etc. The first symptoms are rapidly developing ulcers in the mouth which then degenerate the face tissue, forming horrible wounds. Nomapudendi – the condition when the disease is spread over the patient’s genitals. CancrumOris is typical for parts of Africa and Asia. The fatality rate is around 80% and survivors are horribly disfigured for life.

CancrumOris – or Noma

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4 Brainerd Diarrhea

An explosive and watery type of diarrhea which can last for moths, or for a year, and occurs several times a day. The thing is that the disease does not respond to antibiotics and its cause is still unknown. The first hints on its cause were aiming at dirty water or raw milk; however, it is most likely that Brainerd diarrhea is caused by some infection. A drug called Imodium helped some patients but there is no real treatment except drinking boiled water and pasteurized milk.

Brainerd Diarrhea

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5 Ondine’s curse

The congenital central hypoventilation syndrome is a fatal syndrome, if not treated on time. The disease is congenital and represents a very rare condition of the central nervous system. It is also characterized by sleep apnea and respiratory arrests so autonomic breathing is no longer possible. The patients actually have to “consciously remember to breath”.

Ondine’s curse

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6 Trigeminal neuralgia

Also known as TM or prosopalgia or the tic douloureux. It is a neuropathic disorder which is characterized by constant face pain which is coming straight from the trigeminal nerve or the fifth cranial nerve. It’s a sort of a facial spasm which is one of the most painful diseases known to human kind. TM is also called “the suicide disease” and it can be acute – terrifying face pain which last for a minute or two – and chronic – the pain is a bit softer but it’s constant. One can use painkillers, such as morphine, but the effects go away pretty quickly. Surgical procedures are also of no real use.

Trigeminal neuralgia

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