The Mammogram or Ultrasound? Old vs New techniques to detect breast cancer for women with dense breasts!

As women, we’ve all been told to visit the doctor immediately, if we ever do detect any sort of lumpy formations in our breasts. It may be a false alarm, it may be something that must be looked into, but timely visits are extremely vital.

But, if you happen to have dense breasts, your mammogram reports may not prove to be accurate. Find out how ultrasound can help with diagnosis of breast cancer for women with dense breasts.

1 Medical jargon you need to know before you read this article!

What’s a mammogram you may ask? Breaking it down for you, it is an X-ray image of your breasts, obtained by compressing them between two firm surfaces to spread out the tissue. This facilitates the early detection of breast cancer and early diagnosis helps in decreasing breast cancer related deaths.

Ultrasonography is a diagnostic technique that employs ultrasound for imaging of internal organs including muscles, tendons, joints etc. Ultrasound imaging is a technique which involves sound waves with extremely high frequency that transcend the human audibility range.

Medical jargon you need to know before you read this article!

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So, an ultrasound machine sends out high-frequency sound waves, which then reflects off body structures. A computer then receives these sound waves and uses them to create a picture. This test is unlike an x-ray or CT scan, as it does not use ionizing radiation.

A biopsy is a sample of a tissue that is taken from the body, to be examined up close. It is used to detect any abnormality in the area of the tissue in the body like lesions, a tumor, etc.

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