Take a look at how good or bad the decision of staying fit through online means is!

With technology taking over our daily activities, life has only become easier. I, for instance, love shopping online as it gives me the pleasure to take my pick from an enormous collection that I would not have been able to access from a common market. And yes, let’s not forget the bills! I always pay my bills online as it saves me time and energy that I previously had to waste in physically going to the spot for payment. From learning new recipes to improve the chef in you to taking expert help for your college project and from shopping for grocery to buying something as essential as medicines, we now do simply everything with ease – the online way. However, there must be one thing for which you are still going out and that is for your appointments with your personal trainer at the gym. Well, surprisingly, in my case, I don’t have to do that as well because my trainer has gone online too.


1 It depends on the individual

So, no matter, wherever I am travelling, I still manage to keep my appointments and I must admit that I really have a good feeling about it as I never miss my work-out sessions because of me travelling to some distant land or due to rains or simply anything. Moreover, it is cheaper than before. But, the question is, “Is it effective?” For me it definitely is, but for you let’s weigh its pros and cons and alternatives as no matter what, the results ultimately boil down to the individual.

It depends on the individual

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2 How it works?

One of the biggest advantages of an online personal trainer is that the training sessions are usually scheduled through Skype or any other video conferencing tool. This kind of video courses for specific exercise plans suit your needs very well along with your dietary plans. There also remains scope for regular communication via email for all kinds of issues and questions. You can share and discuss your exercise progress and dietary plans through video conferencing or email once a week.

How it works?

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3 The Good

It makes access to the best trainers of the world as easy as possible. As most of the world class trainers have already gone online, it makes your access to the best of the best trainers possible. Even if you want a reputed trainer from Africa to train you, you can easily have him.

  • Access to trainer information and evaluation – Internet makes it easier for you to gain all information about a trainer with regards to their social media pages, client reviews, etc.
  • It is less expensive – Yes, it is less expensive than going to a gym or booking a personal trainer to physically come and train you.
  • Flexible – Having an online trainer is a flexible option with regards to time and distance. Whether you are travelling and are at some distant location you can still have your trainer with you.
The Good

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4 The Bad

    Now, the bad points!

  • Trainer can’t be with you for each session – With this reason, there are chances that you might end up doing the wrong exercise and harming yourself.
  • There can be wrong evaluation of progress – If you have an online trainer then evaluation of your progress completely depends on the feedback that you give to the trainer. So, if you fudge then you are only going to suffer.
  • It needs a lot of self-motivation and self-diligence on your part to make and online work-out program work for you.
The Bad

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5 The Alternatives

There is a middle path for everything and similarly there is a middle ground between physically going to the gym and opting for an online personal trainer. For instance, you can get a fitness plan from your personal trainer and also chalk out a diet plan with the help of nutritionists that are available online. Some companies offer on demand video exercises and guides that are custom-made as per the need of the client.

You must remember that going for online exercise programs requires a lot of commitment on your part. You need to have self-discipline to work-out honestly and follow your diet without face to face supervision. Staying fit the online way thus needs your complete dedication towards yourself!

The Alternatives

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