14 Symptoms of Fibromyalgia That Every Women Should Aware of

6Increases sensory overload

A Fibromyalgia researcher say Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City, Doctor Benjamin Natelson says that “uncomfortable and painful sensations of fibromyalgia may be part of your brain’s unusual way of processing pain.”


This means that those suffering from fibromyalgia experience increased levels of sensitivity to pressure and even touch. They are sensitive to loud sounds, changes in temperature and various flavors of taste. The same experience is what makes them even more susceptible to feeling extra pain.

Increases sensory overload

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7Irritable bowel syndrome

This is a common bowel disorder that people experience even without fibromyalgia. Independently it can be quite a problematic condition affecting one’s quality of life so one can imagine when accompanying fibromyalgia, what the experience must be like.

Doctors say that IBS and fibromyalgia have a common factor and that is the hypersensitivity of the brains reaction to stimuli in matters of light, touch, and temperature changes.

Irritable bowel syndrome

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8Painful menstrual periods

Women affected with fibromyalgia may be affected by pain menstruation simply because of the common mechanism that increases the brain’s response to pain. While you need to consult your doctor for suitable medication, rest with your knees elevated and a hot water bottle or bag on your pelvis may relieve the pain.

Painful menstrual periods

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9Body stiffness

Almost 75% of patients suffering fibro experience body stiffness especially upon awakening. The physical rigidity is similar to inflammatory or rheumatoid arthritis. If such problems continue with accompanying systems, see your doctor immediately. Sometimes, these symptoms may fade within 15 minutes while in others it may last all day.

Body stiffness

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10Trigger points that evoke pain or tenderness

This is again similar to arthritis where patients of fibromyalgia have certain trigger points or spots on the body that are especially prone to producing painful sensations in uneven frequency. Pressure applied to such points increase the pain so remedies like acupressure are not an option.

Trigger points that evoke pain or tenderness

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