15 Surprising Reasons Why You Cannot Get a Good Night’s Sleep. Here’s What to Do about It

11No pre-night sleep routine or habit

Everyone should have a pre-bed ritual or habit to get them into the mood for sleep. A lack of a bedtime ritual can actually cause a poor quality of sleep and you won’t feel like you have rested the next morning. A ritual could be anything from a spiritual exercise, a bit of yoga, or even a warm shower. You need to train your body to start reacting to a certain habit much like an algorithm that when your body reads the signs, it knows it has to sleep.


A warm shower which shouldn’t be too hot or too cool is great and so is listening to soothing music. Don’t go in for a hot bath as it will increase metabolism and that will again result in sleeplessness.

No pre-night sleep routine or habit

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12Wrong sleep position

An uncomfortable position while sleeping causes several problems for sleep. In fact, the wrong position can also impact your health in the wrong way. It stresses your body out leaving you unrested the entire night. You should adopt a favorable position for sleeping where your body is comfortable and there is no room for aches and pains later. When you adopt a comfortable position, learn to relax in it and do not change it. You will fall asleep faster.

Wrong sleep position

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Stress is another common factor causing insomnia. You may not be a depressive patient but the stress causes you to be an insomniac on certain nights. The art here is to learn ways and means to distress you before bed. Watch a movie, listen to music or even practice some light yoga exercises to destress yourself.


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There are some people who literally program their minds into an anxiety before sleep all because they have to wake up at a certain time. As a result, even though you have set an alarm, you keep waking up to watch the clock. You also keep clockwatching to see how many hours you have left to sleep. Do you think that’s right?

Wrong. Time, of course, rules our lives and trains those 24-hour patterns in our bodies. Little do you know, but heart attacks are more common on a Monday morning than any other day. This is why; your mind too has trained itself to wake every day at 3 am all because you keep looking at the clock.


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15Worrying about sleep

In our fast-paced lifestyles, sleep has turned into a job. You have to wake up early for that important meeting every day so you think you should sleep and make the most of it as you need to wake up kids, make them breakfast but you can’t sleep.


It’s because you are worrying about sleep and that’s the best way not to sleep at all. It is called psychophysiological insomnia and is the biggest nightmare for working people. But there are ways and means to get around it by optimizing your sleep schedule.

Worrying about sleep

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