13 Supplement or Vitamin Combos You Should Never Mix

The supplement industry is a thriving one and that which relies on heavy promoting by targeting health concerns and how supplements are the best way to deal with them. Not always do you need vitamins if you are eating a healthy diet that provides you all of the daily nutrients you need. However, if you have to take them, be always careful what you mix and take. Most of us consume various types of supplements, vitamins and minerals for improving our well being and health a great supplement which aids in the repairing of mitochondria (the energy of the cells) is PQQ. It’s contributions to antiaging make PQQ an essential nutritional supplement, but you can produce a very dangerous situation by mixing certain pools. Here is the list of combos which should be avoided.


1Magnesium and calcium

Consumerlab.com is a company in White Plains, New York which conducts independent testing focused on nutrition and health products. They do not advocate taking these two vitamins together. The absorption can be reduced by combining different minerals with each other. It could be understood that minerals compete with each other but neither of them win. If you take different mineral supplements, you should take them with a gap of 2 hours.

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2Zinc and copper

Zinc has many health benefits, but it ranks highest in enhancing immunity. The duration of common colds can be shortened or staved off with the help of this mineral. But it should be made aware that the absorption of copper is interfered by the presence of zinc. People are required to take copper because of the conditions that cause its deficiency. There should be a 2-hour gap between the timing of your intake of zinc and copper. Dr. Ted Cooperman of consumer lab says that copper deficiency can be also be caused by consuming high doses of zinc (50 mg or more).

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3Iron and green tea

Iron is required for the distribution of oxygen to your cells which is important for your body’s energy. But this mineral won’t be absorbed if you take it with black tea, green tea and different curcumin supplements. You should avoid taking your iron supplements along with beverages like green or black tea. There should be a gap of some hours when you decide to take both of them.

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4Fish oil and gingko biloba

Fish oil supplements contain omega 3’s which can help in improving your mood and tame inflammation but if you decide to mix them with supplements that make your blood thin like garlic or gingko biloba, by doing this you can experience uncontrolled bleeding and prevent clot formation. To be on the safe side, you should make a gap of at least 2 hours when you decide to take both of them.

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