7-Day Sugar Detox Menu Plan to Lose Weight Faster

11The 5th Day

The fifth day is more or less the same as the fourth day but you can enjoy a Mediterranean spicy dip for added flavor. The recipe link for non-dairy vanilla chia pudding has been given in the earlier point.


Breakfast: Sante Fe Frittata’s
Morning Snack: raw vegetables with spicy Mediterranean feta dip

Lunch: green salad with tomatoes, cucumber, sweet peppers. Add a dash of vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. Soup


Afternoon Snack: Salad with feta cheese, cucumber, and tomatoes.
Dinner: Cheesy bread sticks. Italian green bean salad and low carbs
Snack: Non-dairy and sugar-free Vanilla chia pudding

Sante Fe Frittata

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12The 6th Day

On the sixth day, you will be having egg muffins but without any crust, your snack should be chicken drumsticks this time but try to make it at home instead of purchasing the packed processed variety which serves no health purpose.

Breakfast: egg muffin without crust
Morning Snack: Raw vegetables with spicy Mediterranean feta dip
Lunch: Cheesy breadsticks, Italian green bean salad, and low carbs
Afternoon Snack: Raw vegetables spicy Mediterranean feta dip
Snack: Chicken drumsticks with lemon and garlic and zucchini noodles
Dinner: 3 boiled eggs, only the whites. You can season them with herbs and pepper

Chicken with Zucchini Noodles

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13The 7th Day

This is the last day of your detox sugar diet. You will finally be having an interesting breakfast of scrambled eggs and mushrooms which should be fresh ones if possible.


Breakfast: Scrambled eggs mushrooms, sautéed spinach
Morning Snack: ½ cup cottage cheese
Lunch: Light veggie soup with zucchini noodles
Afternoon Snack: Tamari almonds
Snack: Leftover green bean salad and chicken drumsticks
Dinner: Non-dairy and sugar-free Vanilla chia pudding

Sugar detox

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14How to avoid sugar in your lifestyle and diet

The hardest thing to do is to avoid sugar in your everyday diet and lifestyle food choices. It’s worse when you have a sweet tooth but you have to make a healthy decision that will benefit your long-term health and solve weight issues. Stay away from processed food, and unhealthy carbs. Cakes and pastries are a big no-no as they also contain refined flour. It is ok to cheat and treat yourself once in a way but making it a regular habit is extremely bad for you. Avoid health drinks with sugar including fruits juices and sodas.

You can also modify your meals based on the above examples provided you don’t introduce any items that include sugar. Moreover, the protein and carb content should be exactly as all of the above meals. Moreover, you need to also exercise along with the sugar detox diet because without exercise, your health also suffers and you won’t lose weight. Moderate exercises at home or brisk walking 45 minutes to an hour a day is also good for you.

How to avoid sugar in your lifestyle and diet

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