7-Day Sugar Detox Menu Plan to Lose Weight Faster

It can safely be said that sugar is one of the most dangerous inventions to man. Given the fact, glucose is necessary for human function, sugar, on the other hand, is more of a flavoring agent whose health risks far outweigh its benefits if any. It has lead to dental decay, cavities, obesity and introduces toxins and free radicals in the body especially dangerous for cardiovascular health. Let’s not forget to mention the main disease associated with sugar and that’s diabetes. The problem is it is very difficult to escape from sugar because it is also contained in so-called health food too. Your yogurt is laced with sugar, protein shakes, muesli, cornflakes, various cereals, yogurt all contain levels of sugar.


1Sugar can be addictive

If you find yourself addicted to sugar and cannot have your coffee without a low level of sugar, then you have a problem. It is increased with the additional intake of a high carb diet because all carbohydrate including healthy ones contains various forms of glucose too. When your body gets an adequate dose of glucose from food, consuming regular sugar just increases glucose in the body.

Sugar can be addictive

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2Sugar increases the risk of disease

If you know the amount of disease associated with sugar, you will get surprised and shocked. The main danger is diabetes which is in most cases irreversible. You just have to start learning how to manage it. Some people who suffer from diabetes may decide to use a diabetes app to help check their blood sugar levels a lot more easily, as well as being encouraged to stay active. The problem with diabetes is creating other health conditions when not treated effectively and that is poor kidney function.

Sugar increases the risk of disease

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3Too much sugar results in disease and weight gain

Too much sugar has an opposite effect and can make you lethargic. Your body’s energy is greatly reduced. The contradictory nature of diabetes is that it can also give you problems of low blood sugar or hypoglycemia depending on what type of diabetes you have contracted. Sugar can cause ulcers and also skin problems like eczema.

Too much sugar results in disease and weight gain

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4Additional disease conditions caused by sugar

Here is an additional list of problems associated with sugar especially when you consume too much of it.

  • Risk of cancer
  • Low immunity
  • Low levels of serotonin an essential hormone
  • Ulcers
  • Increased calories
  • Obesity
  • Abdominal fat
  • Low levels of minerals
  • Heart problems
  • Premature aging
  • It can lead to arthritis
  • Sugar can damage the vision
  • Excess sugar results with adrenal fatigue
  • Gallstones
  • It is very addictive!
Disease conditions caused by sugar

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5A sugar detox is the best way to rid your body of sugar

The best way to prevent such problems and keep away the risk of disease is to go on a sugar detox from time to time. This will increase your immunity, general well being, and overall health. You will also feel great once it is finished. Moreover, you will have eaten healthy ingredients with more protein essential for your physiology. This is what is going to help you lose weight too. More often than not, we eat a high carb diet instead of a balanced one that includes protein and healthy fats too. Here is the seven-day sugar detox.

Sugar detox is the best way to rid your body of sugar

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