Suffering from toothache? This single spice can bring you complete relief from it


Imagine sitting in your office or at home, relaxing or doing work and suddenly you experience excruciating pain in your teeth. Since you don’t know the reason for the pain and neither can look for it yourself, your only option is to visit a dentist and shell out a hefty fee.

But what if the toothache strikes at night, when the dentist is unavailable and you are out of any pain killers. This usually happens in night due to the flow of the blood when we lie down for sleep. But just imagine the agonizing pain about which you cannot do anything but wait until morning to make the trip to the dentist.

But if you happen to have this magic spice in your kitchen, then you can cure you toothache in seconds and without any money being involved and sleep peacefully. But first, let us see what causes tootache:


1 Reasons for Toothache

Toothaches are a dreadful thing to experience since it handicaps you from eating or swallowing anything. Not to mention that it is annoying as anything. Most of the times, a trip to the dentist can fix whatever problem you have, but of it strikes at night, then you are out of luck.

Toothaches can happen due to variety of reasons such as tooth decay caused by bacteria and removal of enamel, having an abscessed tooth, occurrence of tooth fracture, a filling getting damaged or infected gums.

It can also happen due to repeated motions like chewing gum or teeth grinding during the night.

Reasons for Toothache

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