Study shows that poor sleeping habits can make you unhealthy


Poor sleeping habits can making make people ill as it is that one activity which has the power to re-energize human body like anything. A good night’s sleep makes the muscles, tendons, the heart and every other part of the body rest and gain energy for the next day.

Sleeping reenergises the body and revitalises all the functions of the body. It also keeps us healthy, hence it is advised to sleep for atleast 7 hours at night.


But there are certain things because of which people don’t sleep enough during the night time. The reasons being watching TV, reading a book, surfing on the internet or suffering from disorders like insomnia or depression.

A study conducted by a renowned University in USA has shown that lack of sleep is very dangerous to human body in various ways and here is what the study and its results spell out for us.

1 Sleep

Sleeping is a repeated and naturally occurring state of mind that inhibits sensory activity, voluntary muscles and reduced knowledge of surroundings.

There are two types of sleep, the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) and non REM sleep. In REM sleep, the person may view vivid dreams and most of the limbs, muscles are paralyzed and heart rate, breathing and temperature of body are unregulated.


In Non REM sleep, the person falls into deep sleep in stages starting from light sleep, total sleep and then finally deep sleep in which person goes into a total hibernation like stage with no response to external surroundings.


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