9 Stretching Exercises That Will Give You Benefits Of A Massage Session

7Knee-chest stretch:

Lie on the floor with both the legs stretched, then slowly pull your left leg upwards and put your left knee on your chest. The right leg and lower back should be pressed towards the floor. Try to remain in this position for some time and then repeat the exercise with right leg.


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8Standing quad stretch:

Stand tall with feet firmly on ground. Pull your left leg up from the knee towards your butt and use your left hand to hold the left foot. If you have a problem in standing on one foot, take some support. Remain in this position for 20 seconds to 1 minute and then repeat the exercise with right leg.


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Benefits of this exercise:

This exercise is very helpful in releasing the tension of thighs, hips and lower back. If this exercise is done regularly, it will also increase the range of motion of the legs which will be greatly helpful for those who are indulged in athletic activities.


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9Standing side stretch:

Stand straight with your hands pointing towards the sky. Join your hands by interlacing the fingers and slowly bend the upper portion of the body to the right. Repeat the exercise by bending the body towards the left after returning to the center.


This exercise is beneficial in maintaining good posture as it brings balance in the complete body. It also increases the length of hips and thigh muscles and enhances the flexibility of the spine.

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