9 Stretching Exercises That Will Give You Benefits Of A Massage Session

4Lower back stretches:

This exercise is pretty instrumental in dealing with the lower back pain and it also affects the muscles of abs and legs. Stand with your back touching the wall, lean on it and slowly adjust your spine to make it flat against it. Now slowly come down sliding till your knees form a right degree angle (90 degree). Stay in this position for 10-15 seconds and for good results; repeat the exercise 8-10 times.


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This exercise will reduce the tension in the muscles which provide support to the spine as any tension in these muscles can increase the back pain to a great extent. This exercise also plays an important role in improving the overall mobility also decreases the chances of disability due to back pain condition.


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5Stretching of upper back:

This exercise will stretch the muscles of upper back along with the trapezius muscles. Raise your left hand straight over your head and bend it from elbow for making it touch the upper back. Now put your right hand on the elbow of the left hand and pull it gently towards left.


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Repeat the movement:

Try to remain in this position for 10-15 seconds and then repeat the exercise by shifting hands. Make sure that the movement is sideways and neither in front nor backside. This exercise will also help the person if he is suffering from neck pain.


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6Seated shoulder squeeze:

This stretching exercise helps in getting rid of poor posture and also decreases the tension in the upper back portion. Sit on your yoga mat with knees bent inside and feet lying flat on the ground. Take your hands behind your lower back and join them. Try to extend them, stretch them and also squeeze the shoulders. Repeat the exercise 7-10 times for the duration of 3-5 seconds.


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