9 Stretching Exercises That Will Give You Benefits Of A Massage Session

We all like to live our lives in a healthy manner but sometimes we lose our focus because of our daily hectic schedules, however you can still take care of your health just by taking out 10-15 minutes of time, daily. It is not possible to indulge in workouts by visiting to gym or for everyone but it is quite easy to stretch your body by following a very simple exercise regime. These stretching exercises will not only rejuvenate your mind, body and soul but they will also have a positive effect on your personality. Here are some stretching exercises that you should follow in order to keep yourself fit and healthy and even if you miss a visit to spa, they will make up for it:


1Butterfly wings:

This exercise will be helpful in stretching the muscles of back and chest. For doing this exercise, put your palms on your shoulders (right palm on right shoulder and vice-versa). First try to pull your elbows back as if you are trying to make them touch each other, hold them in this position for 5-10 seconds as you will feel a stretch in your upper back. Try same movement by making your elbows move forward and hold them again for 5-10 seconds as you will feel a stretch in your chest.

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2Eagle pose:

By practicing eagle pose, you can stretch the back portion of your shoulders as well as the upper portion of the back. Cross your arms in the manner as shown in the photo and make sure that the hands point towards the sky. If you have a problem in making your palms meet then make sure that each hand is kept on opposite shoulder and your chin is joined with the chest.

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Good for pain also:

The elbows should be parallel to the floor, remain in this position for 30 seconds and then try the same exercise by changing the position of hands. This pose will not only stretch the shoulders but it will also be helpful for those who are suffering with pain in that area.

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3Rotation Stretches

These stretches will provide relief in the back pain and will work on making the muscles stronger as well. Keep your feet on the floor in flat position while sitting on the chair. Sit straight and put hands behind the head, now twist your body to the right, slowly come back to the original position and then twist towards the left side.

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Another method of stretching:

You can also place your right hand on the knee of the left leg while twisting to left and place left hand on the knee of right leg while twisting to the right side. The exercise should be done slowly and repeat it 3-5 times.

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