Try this simple stretch to stop Knee Pain in minutes

Knee pain is a common health problem faced by people of all ages. While there could be several causes associated with it, one looks for relief instantly. Over-the-counter medicines may help relieve the pain for a short while, but not without any side-effects. Our knees take a lot of misuse with the amount of weight we put on them. Did you know that there is a stretch exercise that can relieve you of your knee pain very quickly? Let us take a look at how it is done.

1 The Two Minute Stretch

When you feel pain in your knees, carrying out simple tasks like crossing your legs can also become an arduous task. The limited movements can affect your daily activities causing an overload of work, kept for later. Now, listen to the good news: A two minute stretch is all you may need for immediate relief. To do this, get a hand towel and sit in a place that is large enough to allow for the free movement of your knee, upwards. Bring your knee up into your midsection and wedge the towel behind your knee top. Now slowly move your shin into your midsection while contracting and discharging your hamstrings and calves. Do this exercise for around five to ten seconds on each side. Doing this on a regular basis will make space in your knee joint, increase motion and rid you of your trouble. Your knees will thank you for this.

Two Minute Stretch

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Here is a video to help you understand this well.


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