Story of this teenage girl who is allergic to water will melt your heart


Among the multitude of diseases that one can suffer on this planet, there is definitely some more serious than others. Allergies, for example, can be extremely serious but not very disabling according to allergen. But if you are allergic to water, life could become very complicated.

1 Definition of allergy

Allergy is an immunological response of the organism, inappropriate and exaggerated to certain foreign substances: the allergens. Allergy can manifests itself in contact with pollen, dust mites or pet hair but also to certain foods or drugs. The environment has many allergens to which the patient can have allergic reactions. Allergies can affect the eyes, skin, and the respiratory system like the nose.

Today, the number of allergies are increasing in industrialized countries. It affects people of all ages, but particularly young people. Respiratory allergies are most frequent as it is estimated that about one in four people suffers from respiratory allergy symptoms.

Definition of allergy

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