Why you need to stop right now if you pick the skin around your nails

We have seen many people tugging at the skin around their nails, wrenching their wrists, and biting their nails as well. This is an act of nervousness and can be referred to as a disease known as Dermatophagia. This disease has been linked with obsessive-compulsive disorder as well as various anxiety disorders and should be treated at the earliest. Now, what harm can, chewing your skin really lead to? Is it dangerous? Should it be prevented? This article would talk about the side effects that you may face if you chew your nails and skin around it.


1 Consuming germs around your nails

Biting your skin not only damages the cuticles of the nails but also helps you to consume germs around your nails. A large number of germs gather around the skin on a regular basis and thus may result in serious infections in and around and fingernails and sometimes internally as well. The skin tissues can also be damaged if it is chewed too much. The cuticles in the nails can also get infected by the saliva that is touching the nails while chewing.Also many a times, it is seen that your skin may get discolored if it is chewed a lot. This will affect the skin around the nails as well as the nails. Your nails also look ugly if they are continuously bitten. Chewing the skin around the nails is a bad habit that needs to be overcome- the sooner the better.

Consuming germs around your nails

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2 Increasing with stress levels

There are a number of people who tend to chew their nails when they are really nervous and anxious. This is an addictive behavior that also may increase with time if not changed. This leads to embarrassment in public. People do not care about chewing their skin until they have a serious infection that needs to be resolved and then they visit the Dermatologist. Biting nails can really be a bad habit that can be treated with a number of medications as well as therapies.

Increasing with stress levels

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3 How chewing skin around the nails can be treated with Habit reversal training?

If you are obsessed about chewing skin around the nails and are wondering how to stop, there are a few treatments that work really good with nails. The Habit reversal training and the Stimulus control are two things that can resolve this issue. The habit reversal training helps to pinpoint the factors that trigger you to pick on the skin of the nails and bite nails. The alternative behavioral strategies help to curb the habit by giving a few suggestions. The best example for the same is squeezing a rubber ball in order to relieve stress so that the attention is diverted and you would not chew the skin of the nails.

How chewing skin around the nails can be treated with Habit reversal training?

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4 Treating chewing of nails with Stimulus control

Stimulus control is a technique wherein the environment around you needs to be altered so that you can stop biting the skin around your nails. The skin of the nails can be wrapped with a band aid or a glove can be worn in order to stop you from biting the nails and gradually the habit would diminish from the system.These strategies help people to curb the habit of biting nails.There are times when you can also visit a doctor in order to get rid of the habit.

Treating chewing of nails with Stimulus control

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5 An unconscious habit

Picking on the skin of the nail can be an unconscious habit. Though this is not a real serious problem, this can lead to serious consequences later on. You need to stop by boosting your self-control or distracting yourself when you suddenly notice that you are getting into that habit of biting nails. Take a walk, chat with a friend, watch some TV and try and distract yourself from biting your skin.

An unconscious habit

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You can also set a goal for yourself to break the habit. You can also ask your partner or friend to help you if they see you picking at your nails.Stop picking on your nails and you would feel much more confident as well as energetic. At the same time, you would feel nice to go to public places that you feared when you bit your nails. So stop chewing your nails and transform yourself into a new you as soon as possible.


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