Start looking at your sleeping schedule to lower cancer risk


Sleeping is really very important for proper functioning of the mind and body. We all know that sleep re-energizes and kind of refreshes our system each night and makes us ready to energetically face the new day coming with all the new challenges.

It is necessary to know how many hours of quality sleep you get each night. This becomes all the more important since it can be tied to a very important aspect of your life. Scientists have found that getting the requisite amount of sleep each night can have an impact on the chances whether or not you get cancer or not. So, basically sleep can be your way to reduce cancer risk.

You must be amazed to hear that and now we have all the reasons why we need to sleep more every night or atleast sleep for the required amount of time.


1 Cancer

Cancer is a disease in which the cells of the body which have this cancer or tumor multiply rapidly. These cells are benign and even start affecting the surrounding healthy cells.

Cancer can start anywhere in the body and it affects the body’s ability to create new cells in place of the cells that are old and die. Cancer causes the process of replacement of older and dead cells to become disrupted, which causes these cells to survive, when usually they are replaced with newer and healthier cells.

These cells then divide and form a tumor. Cancers are of many types, but the tumors are mainly of two types; malignant and benign. Malignant tumors easily spread and harm the nearby tissues and organ. These tumors grow uncontrolably and there is no cure for them. Meanwhile the benign tumors do not spread and they are easy to remove surgically. But if benign tumor forms in brain, it can be fatal.


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