Some reasons why dehydration is really bad for your health


When it comes to taking care of your health, there are things way above or beyond just exercising and diet. From maintaining immunity levels at the right mark to being fit and also being happy while eating healthy—we human beings need to do so much at once.

Surprisingly, there are certain minor health issues that are so overlooked that we barely talk about them frequently. One such case is that of dehydration. Well we all know that dehydration is a bane and losing say 1.5 per cent of the water content form your body could mean serious risks for you. We hardly know enough about why dehydration is so bad for our body. It does not just mean that you would feel excessively thirsty. Check out the top reasons why dehydration is indeed a trouble to be faced with.

Do you know, you could be facing these health disorders if you don’t drink adequate amount of water?


1 Bad Breath

Sure we have the saliva that plays an essential role in keeping us wet in the mouth. However, remember those days when you might have fasted or had forgotten to take in water while at work. On those days, the mouth begins to feel unusually dry and by the end of the day, you might end up with foul breath. Not hydrating your body enough can cause the bacteria in the saliva to work and this could result in bad breath. Therefore, you need to tackle dehydration before it gets on to you!

Bad Breath

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