Some people get grey hair at an early age. Take a look at why does this happen?

Since several decades, people have been linking grey hair with stress but it has recently been revealed that there is no connection between premature graying and emotional or physical stress. There are however other factors linked to early graying of hair;ethnicity and genes could bethe major contributors.


1 The Link between Grey Hair and Ethnicity

The ethnicity of a person decides what can be regarded as early graying of hair for an individual. White skinned people are known to have grey hair at an early age. Their regular age of graying is in their early thirties. In case of Asians, the first grey strand may appear somewhere in the late thirties while in case of Afro-Americans, the first grey hair appears in the early forties. If the first grey hair appears in the twenties, it is premature graying in all the cases.

The Link between Grey Hair and Ethnicity

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2 Genes and Their Impact on Premature Greying

Genes are another factor that greatly affects premature graying. Individuals, whose parents had premature grey hair, have greater chances of having early grey hair. If there is an excess of melanin or hydrogen peroxide in the genes, it is also bound to cause premature graying in the offspring.

 Genes and Their Impact on Premature Greying

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3 What do experts have to say about the occurrence of Grey Hair at Early Age?

While there could be several causes that lead to the occurrence of early grey hair in men and women, scientists have not been able to point out one single link or cause of premature graying. Here is what different experts say regarding premature greying:

Jeffrey Benabio states that 50% of the population has half their head grey by the time they are in their fifties.


Jeffrey, who is a dermatologist at Kaiser Permanente of Sand Diego, California, further adds that ethnicity of the person also plays a great role. He states that sometimes the medicines that an individual consumes may cause
premature graying of hair.

Grey Hair at Early Age?

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Cosmetic, and Laser Surgery’s David Bank says that if a person’s grandparents showed signs of aging at an early age, there is a higher chance that the individual will also have premature greying. David Bank is the Director of Center of Dermatology.

Anne Marie Barros, a master colorist at New York’s Gerard Bollei Salon, states that age doesn’t decide when the first grey hair appears on a person’s head.

There are several other factors that may affect the greying of hair. Premature greying is much more common in the present generation.

4 Other Causes of Premature Greying

Here we have listed down the other varied factors that may affect premature greying:

  • Premature graying could be a result of Vitamin B-12 deficiency that may eventually lead to problem in pituitary gland or thyroid gland. This kind of greying can be corrected by treating the medical problem associated with it.
  • It is also said that lack of Vitamins C and E may also lead to premature greying in some people.
  • Diet is another major factor that affects greying in the present generation. Most fast foods contain chemical components and hazardous ingredients that may cause early greying of hair.
  • Smoking is another bad habit that is known to have a long term impact on greying.
Other Causes of Premature Greying

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5 Ways to Prevent Early Grey Hair

There are many steps that you may take to prevent having grey hair at an early age. Here we have listed down some of the simple options:

  • Gooseburry is known to be an effective remedy to treat premature greys.
  • It is also suggested that you use curry leaves in your daily dishes. It is known to have an effect in preventing premature greys.
  • You must also avoid faulty diet habits that are known to cause early greying. Strictly avoid fast and junk foods and instead opt for a balanced diet.
Ways to Prevent Early Grey Hair

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6 Stylish Grey Hairstyles

Many people who suffer from premature greys have started accepting their situation gracefully. Now they opt for hairstyles that help to flaunt their greys. Here are some of the beautiful grey alternatives:

  • Cold Turkey is a great hair style for people who have grey hair.
  • Graduated bob or other hairstyles with sharper edges would be a wise choice for you if you have grey hair.
  • Bring back luster to your grey hair with the help of flat iron.
Stylish Grey Hairstyles

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It is time to forget old beliefs that grey means old. It is time to reveal the flawless grey in style and with pride.


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