Smokers diagnosed with pneumonia exposed to greater risk of lung cancer

In an age and time when we see a plethora of diseases taking away our loved ones from us, we can only wonder if there can be any science that stops these deadly diseases to creep in. After all, research and technology is all about helping us eradicate issues that affect us negatively. However, one thing that we need to know is that science too has its time frames and limits in every era. Perhaps, what we did not know a decade back is stale news for us today while there could be a ton of other things that science will unfurl only at a time later in the future. For now, science has helped us stumble upon a shocking discovery. A latest study states that smokers who have been diagnosed with pneumonia could be exposed to a greater risk of developing lung cancer. This study has been published in the American Journal of Medicine.

1 What The Study Says About Pneumonia And Lung Cancer?

The study saw in-depth research in the field that revealed about 9 per cent of all smokers who needed admission into a hospital for being afflicted with pneumonia became victims of lung cancer within the same year. Therefore, the reports suggest such patients who smoke and have had pneumonia, need to be checked up regularly so that there can exist some screening early on.

What The Study Says About Pneumonia And Lung Cancer?

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